Salaried positions and other funding opportunities

Employed, grant-funded or self-funded? At the University of Helsinki, a doctoral degree may be completed through either full- or part-time study. Doctoral students may receive funding from the University of Helsinki or one of its departments, institutes or faculties, a research project, foundation, association or some other external funder. They may also fund their own studies or pursue their degree in tandem with work. About a third of all doctoral students are in an employment relationship with the University and are thus members of University staff.

The Doctoral Programme in Gender, Culture and Society (SKY) is a multidisciplinary doctoral programme based on the co-operation of five Faculties. The programme concentrates on questions of gender, sexuality and feminist scholarship from the perspectives of a wide array of humanities and social sciences. The programme understands gender as multidimensional and places a strong emphasis on the categories that intersect with gender including ethnicity and race, age, class, religion, and sexualities.

The Doctoral Programme in Gender, Culture and Society (SKY) invites applications for 1 doctoral candidate positions for a 1–4 year period starting primarily from 1 January 2019.  The duration of the employment contract depends on the phase of the appointee´s thesis. Previous grant or working contract as doctoral candidate for maximum one year does not prevent the candidate from receiving a 4 years’ position.

The most important evaluation criteria are the high quality and feasibility of the research proposal and available supervision arrangements. The proposal has to fit the research profile of the SKY -doctoral programme and have scientific significance in the field of gender studies. In the electronic application form, please specify your discipline (see Field of research and Specification or additional information on the field of research in the electronic form)

Please read carefully all information provided in general instructions for applying funded doctoral candidate positions. There you will also find the link to the online electronic application form.


In case your study right for doctoral studies is, or you are applying it to the Faculty of Arts, you can additionally address your application to positions funded by the Faculty of Arts on the following thematic subjects:

-Digital humanities (1 position)
-Environmental humanities (1 position)
-Indigenous languages and cultures (1 position)
-Artificial intelligence and the human (2 positions)

Should you wish to have your application assessed under one of these thematic subjects, you can indicate this in the application form by filling in the subject in question for the field “Specification or additional information on the field of research” (under Research Plan). Your application will then be evaluated in the usual manner by the board of the Doctoral Programme but also taken into account in the evaluation of applications for the positions funded by the Faculty. The person who is granted a thematic salaried position will have his or her work contract in the Faculty of Arts; and his or her study right for the doctoral degree needs to be granted by the Faculty of Arts.

You can find more information related to the themes and implemented research for example through the following links:
-Digital humanities; artificial intelligence and the human: this will be available later
-Environmental humanities:
-Indigenous languages and cultures:

In case of questions:
-salaried positions for doctoral candidate:
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