Professor Hannu Vartiainen


Hannu Vartiainen, Director of the Doctoral Programme
Marja-Liisa Halko
Klaus Kultti
Markku Lanne
Mika Meitz
Antti Ripatti
Jetro Anttonen, doctoral student representative
Olli Palmen, doctoral student representative


The preparation of the doctoral thesis is the core work of any PhD candidate. Therefore, the key person in the whole process of obtaining a doctorate is your supervisor. He or she will supervise your research and guide you through your doctoral degree. A good starting point for finding a potential supervisor at the University of Helsinki is to study the list under. By clicking the names of potential supervisors you will see their TUHAT-profile. TUHAT is the University’s research portal where UH researchers update their latest publications and other activities.


Professor Hannu Vartiainen (director of DPE)
Assistant Professor Marlène Isoré
University Lecturer Marja-Liisa Halko
Professor Klaus Kultti
Professor Markku Lanne
Associate Professor Jani Luoto
Associate Professor Mika Meitz
Professor Markku Ollikainen
Professor Tapio Palokangas
Professor Antti Ripatti
University Lecturer Juha Tervala 
Professor Pentti Saikkonen