How to publish in the DSHealth doctoral thesis series

The doctoral candidates of DSHealth are privileged to publish their doctoral thesis in the DSHealth series ‘Dissertationes Scholae Doctoralis Ad Sanitatem Investigandam Universitatis Helsinkiensis’.

A dedicated DSHealth staff member will assist doctoral candidates in DSHealth with the cover design of the doctoral thesis and all other practical matters regarding the publication of the thesis.
See the example of the cover layout
Word-template for the doctoral thesis

To publish your doctoral thesis in the DSHealth series:

1. Please provide the following information via e-form

  • Your name
  • Your affiliation(s)  to be printed on the cover page
  • The name and affiliation of your doctoral thesis supervisor(s)
  • Title of your doctoral thesis
  • Bibliographic information of the original articles in your doctoral thesis (title, journal, year, vol, pages, and authors including their affiliations)
  • Time table for publishing: When do you need to have your doctoral thesis published? Does the doctoral thesis already have the printing permit? Date of the public defense if it is already fixed
  • The number of years you worked on your doctoral thesis (net time)
  • Your age  at the time of the public defense
  • Your current academic degree

2. Contact Anita Tienhaara, email anita.tienhaara(at), to

  • Design a personalized layout for your thesis cover
  • Receive a specific serial number for your doctoral thesis
  • Receive detailed instructions on how to apply the ISBN no. and how to proceed

When the publication is available both in print and online publication, enter the following codes in both the printed and electronic version:      

  • ISSN 2342-3161 (Print)
  • ISSN 2342-317X (Online)

3. Please note that

  • General instructions to publish your doctoral thesis are available at
  • The size of the printed book is B5 (176 x 250)
  • You are free to choose any print house you wish
  • Importantly, the thesis book must be displayed for public viewing on the University's official notice board in the ground floor lobby of the Main Building (address: Fabianinkatu 33) for 5 days before the defense
  • The University of Helsinki support for dissertation printing costs, see Flamma link