Courses and Events

The date and time when registration for a particular course opens in WebOodi is given in the course announcement. Once the call is opened a deadline for registrations is given. Usually the call for applications opens approximately one month and closes approximately two weeks before the course starts. These are only guidelines – always check the deadlines for the course you are interested in! Please follow your email and the doctoral programme homepages to stay up-to-date on courses.

ILS degree structure and all courses and other study units in Weboodi.

Upcoming courses:

Light microscopy – practical course

13.-21.9.2018, at 8-17, 2 credits
More info and registration: link 

By the end of the course students will have hands on experience from the most common light microscopy methods, which will help them get started with their own imaging projects.  In addition, students will also be familiar with sample preparation and data analysis for the presented techniques.

Reporter systems in Biology and Pharmacology 
(by Doctoral Programme in Drug Research)

17.-19.10.2018 in Viikki
See program here
And register here:
ILS is sponsoring, so there should be seats for ILS students as well.

Next Generation Genomics 2018

22.10. Pre-symposium Journal Club
23.-24.10. Symposium
25.-26.10. Workshop I
29.-31.10. Workshop II
1.11. Workshop III
More info:

ILS-123 Statistical analysis with SPSS

5 cr, Vesa Niskanen 31.10.2018 - 03.12.2018
More info and registration:

HiLIFE symposium: Ex­plor­ing Cel­lu­lar Com­plex­ity by Cryo-EM

28th February, Helsinki, Finland
See more info: LINK

ILS-110 Growth factors and their receptors

Teachers: Mart Saarma, Vera Kovaleva
Time: Tue & Thu 14-16, 11.3-5.5.2019, except 16.-23.4.
Room: Biocenter 2, room 1015
More info:

ILS-117 Workshop on cryo-electron microscopy  and
CryoEM image reconstruction workshop 

Responsible teacher: Juha Huiskonen
Preliminary dates 4.-15.3.2019, full days
Place: CryoEM unit and room 1401.4, Biocenter 1


All confirmed ILS courses are here:

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Doctoral School in Health Sciences offers courses in transferable skills (general competence studies). See list below.

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Cell Biology Club

The Cell Biology Club seminar series will be organized on selected Thursdays at 14.15-15.30. Coffee is served at 14.00. Everybody welcome! 

Place: Room 139, Infocenter Korona

Cell Biology Club Fall 2018

“Neurotrophic signaling affecting accumulation of aggregated alpha-synuclein in cultured dopamine neurons” Piotr Chmielarz (Andrii Domanskyi lab)
"Generic and reversible opto-trapping of biomolecules” Hannes Beyer (Hideo Iwai lab)

"Effect of CDNF in SOD1-G93A mouse model of ALS"  Merja Voutilainen

“Hair follicle dermal condensation forms via Fgf20 primed cell cycle exit, cell motility, and aggregation” Otto Mäkelä (Marja Mikkola lab)
”Regulation of actin dynamics during endocytosis and cell migration by twinfilins” Markku Hakala (Pekka Lappalainen lab)

13.12.  TBA, Laura Ahtiainen

Organiser: Dr Sari Tojkander, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
See also WebOodi: ILS-113 and ILS-114

Molecules Club

The Structural Biology and Biophysics (SBB) Molecules Club has been held monthly (since Autumn 2016), normally on Tuesdays 9.15-10 am, and feature the talks from Viikki campus research groups on molecular biosciences and structural biology and biophysics, as well as from invited guest speakers. The club is held in Biocenter 3 3rd floor, seminar room 3401 (unless otherwise specified). The meetings are open to all. Credits will be available for students (instructions coming soon).

Tuesday 4 September, Bio3 seminar room 3401

Wednesday 3 October, Bio3 seminar room 3401 at 13.15, coffee at 13.00
Dr. Lari Lehtiö  (University of Oulu)  "DNA damage recognition mechanism of human PARP2"

Tuesday 6 November, Bio3 seminar room 3401
Jaakko Teppo (Varjosalo Lab, Institute of Biotechnology, and Drug Research Program, Faculty of Pharmacy) ”Molecular atlas of postnatal mouse heart development”

Tuesday 4 December, Bio3 seminar room 3401

Organizer: Dr. Tommi Kajander

Developmental biology journal club

Weekly journal club held every Thursday between 9-10 during the semester. Room: Biocenter 3, seminar room 3401.

Fall 2018 speakers:

27.9. Riitta Lindström
4.10. Renske Vroomans
11.10. Kaisa Ikkala
18.10. Simon Andersson
25.10. Stem cell seminar
1.11. Hyuk Nam Kwon
8.11. Daniel Toddie-Moore
15.11. Satu Myllymäki
22.11. Anamaria Balic
29.11. Aida Kaffash Hoshiar
13.12. Stem cell seminar

Link to WebOodi: ILS-109
Credits: 1-3 op, maximum 3 op (1 from attendance, 2 from presentations).
Organizer: Dr. Osamu Shimmi
Program and instructions:


Genome Club

On selected Thursdays at 15:15 in Biocenter 3, room 3402 (unless otherwise mentioned).

Joana Teixeira Garcia lab, 
Identification of the ubiquinone pathway as a new suppressor of Myotonic dystrophy toxicity

Danillo Alvarenga Sivonen lab
Comparative genomics approaches to study cyanobacteria

Antto Norppa Frilander lab
Mechanistic analysis of a U12 snRNA mutation causing cerebellar ataxia

TBA Shulman lab
Velma Aho Auvinen lab






Jukka-Pekka Verta Primmer lab

TBD Löytynoja lab

Organizer: Susana Garcia,

Tool Of the Month (TOM) is a monthly course to discuss various tools and methods that we, bioinformaticians, use in our research. We discuss various bioinformatics relevant algorithms, softwares, packages in R/Python/Perl/any-of-your-favourite-language. And if you want to talk about your research/tool/method that’s even better!

Link to TOM program:

In­ter­na­tional courses

NorDoc – Nordic Doctoral Training in Health Sciences network provides doctoral training courses in health offered by the NorDoc partner organisations:

- Graduate School of Health, Aarhus University (Denmark)
- Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bergen (Norway)
- The Graduate School of Health and Medical Sciences, University of Copenhagen (Denmark)
- Sahlgrenska Akademin, University of Gothenburg (Sweden)
- Doctoral School in Health Sciences, University of Helsinki (Finland)
- School of Health Sciences, University of Iceland (Iceland)
- Karolinska Institutet (Sweden)
- Health and Biosciences Doctoral Programme, University of Oulu (Finland)
- Graduate School of Health Sciences, University of Southern Denmark (NOT AVAILABLE YET)
- Faculty of Medicine Postgraduate Education Unit (PGE), University of Turku

Na­tional courses

See national course list, for example, in FinBioNet page (→ FinBioNet course calendar).

Train­ing offered by DSHealth (Doc­toral school in Health Sci­ences)

Courses offered by the Doctoral School in Health Sciences teach skills necessary for all professional researchers and experts in other scientific positions regardless of their scientific background. Please refer to the DSHealth doctoral school website for the most recent information on available courses.

It is also advisable that all ILS students join the DSHealth mailing list to stay up-to-date on DSHealth activities. As a member of ils-predoc email-list you are automatically on that list. Information on joining the mailing list is available here.

Also, The Viikki-based Doctoral School in Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences (YEB) has transferable skills education.

Sem­inars and other events in Viikki

Microbiology seminars (by MBDP doctoral programme)

Virus Club (by MBDP doctoral programme)

Food Science seminar series (LINK)

Other courses at the Uni­versity of Hel­sinki

You may also find relevant courses in the Master’s Programmes of the University of Helsinki.

Or you can search from all University of Helsinki courses in English.

PhD courses organised by other doctoral programmes and schools

Information skills courses by the Helsinki University Library

Career planning courses by the University of Helsinki Career Services


The ILS Spring event and Student Symposium will be held in Tvärminne Zoological Station 7-8th of May. Registration to this event is open until April 22th.

The event joins together in the same occasion two very important parts of the ILS curriculum.

1.       The ILS Introductory Course (1 ECTS) is an annual event strongly recommended to all ILS students. Especially now with the new degree structures of the doctoral programs. This is your place to learn about the degree requirements, thesis committee practices, and how students can influence their studies at the University of Helsinki. And even more importantly, you will learn to know your fellow students and participate in developing the ILS student community activities.

2.       The ILS student symposium (1 ECTS) is organized at the same time by a group of ILS students. This symposium is intended as an opportunity to share knowledge over the disciplines and expertise areas of the students. The program consists of Keynote presentations by selected ILS students who have recently published their work, general thematic short lectures by ILS students on selected topics, Project talks by ILS students. Obviously all this will be thoroughly discussed during the social part of the program including Symposium dinner, outdoor activities, sauna and free time in good company!               

Please register at:

Registration deadline Sunday April 22th, 2018.

Your contribution is strongly encouraged either as a keynote presentations and special lecture or a presentation on your thesis project!