Courses and events

The courses offered to doctoral candidates at the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences cover researcher skills as well as other professional skills and career planning.  The school organises also information and social events. The objective is to train highly qualified experts with the skills required for both professional career in research and other positions of expertise.

Please note that in addition to courses organised by the Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences and the doctoral programmes, listed are courses also by other organisers. Thus, when registering for a course, kindly follow the instructions provided by the course organiser.

More information (registration links, teachers etc.) and courses coming later.

Science in Society
Course code: HYMY-910
Credits: 5
Time 5.9. - 17.10.2018, Mondays ja Wednesdays at 14-16
Venue: Metsätalo hall 18 on Mondays, Metsätalo hall 28 on Wednesdays
Registration: Via Weboodi

Oppiminen yliopistossa
Course code: PED511
Credits: 5
Time: 05.09.2018 - 24.10.2018

Oppimisen arviointi ja palautteen antaminen
Course code: PED5122
Credits: 5
Time: 04.09.2018 - 23.10.2018

Academic Writing (four courses with similar content)
Course code: HYMY-906
Credits: 2
First course: 14.9., 21.9. and 5.10.2018
Second course: 10.9.-15.10.2018
Third course: 26.10.-9.11.2018
Fourth course: 7.11.-28.11.2018

Conference Presentation
Course code: HYMY-901
Credits: 2
Time: 22.10.-26.11.2018

Grant Writing I
Course code: HYMY-904
Credits: 1
Time: 7.11.-21.11.2018

Luova tieteellinen kirjoittaminen
Course code: HYMY-902
Credits: 3
Time: 3.9.-10.10.2018

Luova tieteellinen kirjoittaminen: jatkokurssi
Course code: HYMY-907
Credits: 2
Time: 24.10.-5.12.2018

Tutkijan verkkokirjoittaminen
Course code: HYMY-907
Credits: 3
Time: 17.9.-1.10.2018

Tieteen julkisuus ja tiedeviestintä
Course code: PVM-V308 (kurssi sopii yleisten valmiustaitojen kohtaa HYMY-907)
Credits: 5
Time: 5.9.-17.10 Tuesdays at 16.15-18.45.
Venue: Metsätalo, room 2.
Teacher: Esa Väliverronen
Registration: Via Weboodi

Course code: TIVI-Y912 (kurssi sopii yleisten valmiustaitojen kohtaa HYMY-907)
Credits: 5
Time: 18.9. and 27.11. at 10-17. 
Venue: Sanomatalo, Töölönlähdenkatu 2. 
Teacher: Timo Paukku, Helsingin Sanomat
Registration: Via Weboodi

Asiantuntijana digitaalisessa mediassa
Course code: TIVI-Y911
Credits: 5
Time: 2. period
Venue: TBA, partly online course
Teachers: Salla Laaksonen and Petro Poutanen
Registration: send an email to by 18.10.

Introduction to Open Data Science
Course code: HYMY-909
Credits: 5
Time: Every Tuesday 30.10. - 11.12.2018 at 16-18
Venue: Unioninkatu 35 - AUD 116
Teacher: Kimmo Vehkalahti
Registration: Via Weboodi

Impact Training
Time: Fall 2018/TBA
Teacher: Krister Talvinen



More information (registration, teachers etc.) and courses coming later.

Tiedeviestintä ja asiantuntijuus
Course code: PVM-604 (kurssi sopii yleisten valmiustaitojen kohtaan HYMY-907)
Credits: 5
Time: 3rd period
Teacher: Sampa Saikkonen and guest speakers
Registration: Via Weboodi

Tutkimuksen popularisointi
Course code:TIVI-Y913 (kurssi sopii yleisten valmiustaitojen kohtaan HYMY-907)
Credits: 5
Time: 3rd and 4th periods
Teachers: Mikko Myllykoski, Heureka
Registration: Via Weboodi

Scientific writing in English
Course code: HYMY-906
Credits: 5
Time: From 16th of January to 8th of May, on Wednesdays at 10 am.
Teacher: Ben Cowley
Registration: Via Weboodi