Activities for groups

Are you looking for activities that are suitable between meetings session during your seminar in Tvärminne? Or are you planning a visit our research station and would like learn more about the station? We offer both relaxing activities in the nature and science education for visiting groups.
The uniqe Baltic Sea: A visit to Tvärminne Zoological Station

A presentation of Tvärminne Zoological Station is available all year round for groups. During the presentation the visitors get an insight into the current research at the station. Research vessels and other equipment used for marine research are also displayed if available. The guided visit highlights why the Baltic Sea is important, and how our influence on the ocean is crucial to living and acting sustainably.

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: max 50 persons (max 25 on a tour)

Available languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

When: year round

What to bring: clothes according to weather

Price: 101 €

Learn about the Baltic Sea's cool organisms in the lab

Marine sampling can be combined with studies of collected marine organisms in the laboratory using microscopes and identification literature. A marine biologist supervises the group and helps to analyse and deepen the knowledge. The content may focus on different types of organisms such as plankton or bottom-dwelling animals. 

This part can also be realised without a field trip by analysing preserved samples.

Time: 2 h
Group size: max 20 persons
Language: Finnish, Swedish, English
When: from May-November, research permitting
Price: 150 €/h (incl.VAT), minimitime 2 h. The final price is dependent on the sampling.

Explore the Baltic Sea snorkeling

Take a peek under the surface of the Baltic Sea, with the help of a mask and snorkel, a new world will open up. With the guidance of an instructor, participants get to know snorkeling and learn how to use the necessary equipment. During the actual snorkeling we will identify key species in the Baltic Sea, such as bladderwrack and eelgrass. Snorkelling can be done from the shore or from a boat, the content will be adapted to the age and previous snorkeling skills of the participants and their knowledge of the Baltic Sea and its ecosystems.

Duration: 2 hours.

Group size: 1-10 people. Participants must have swimming skills. 

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

When: Early summer to late autumn, water temperature permitting. Visibility and water temperature favour late summer and early autumn in the Hanko area.

Equipment: swimsuit and towel

Price: 250 € / group (incl.VAT).

How many legs does the barnacle have? A fun quiz about the Baltic Sea

Book a fun and educational quiz about the Baltic Sea! A fun way to learn more about the Baltic Sea together; the questions cover both threats and potential solutions. The quiz is led by a person from Tvärminne Zoological Station and the quiz can be divided into groups to strengthen cooperation in your team.

Duration: 1 hour

Group size: max 50 persons

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

When: year round

What to bring: Clothes according to weather (can be arranged indoors or outdoors)

Price: 101 €

Baltic Sea Quiz along the Nature Trail

Enjoy a walk along the nature trail in Tvärminne while answering fun and educational questions about the Baltic Sea and Tvärminne Zoological Station. The trail is about 2 km long and there are 14 questions posted along the way. Participants can choose to do the quiz in a larger group or walk independently in smaller groups. The quiz is done independently, but must be ordered in advance.

Duration: 1 h

Group size: unlimited

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

When: Year round

What to bring: Clothes according to weather, proper shoes

Price: 48 €

Mindfulness in the Nature

During a forest bath you will experience the maritime nature in Tvärminne with all your senses. A guided moment in the nature will gently guide you to an overall feeling of well-being and reduced stress. We move slowly through the nature and practice mindful presence.

A guided forest bath is the perfect way to boost your well-being and enhance your health with the help of nature. Already 15 minutes spent in the nature lowers heart rate and blood pressure, reduces stress and boosts the immune system.

Forest bathing is suitable for everybody. To attend you do not need any special gear. Dress warm according to the weather. During the forest bath we will make short walks but also stay still for periods of time.

Duration: 1 h

Group size: max 25

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

When: Year round

What to bring: Warm clothes according to weather

Price: 101 €

Wellness sauna with evening snack

Enjoy a sauna evening with your friends in the log sauna at Tvärminne Zoological Station. The sauna is located next to the Baltic Sea and you can take a dip in the sea all year round!

The price includes a 4-hour beach sauna and a delicious evening snack. For example, choose Wellington in Tvärminne way: Baked inside a delicious pastry: salmon, spinach and vegetables of the season, green salad and Tvärminne bread with spread.

Welcome to enjoy yourself by the sea!

Time: 4 h

Group size: minimum 10 people, max. 25 people. Can be booked all other days except Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Language: -

When: all year round

What to bring: Your own towel and a swimsuit

Price: price from 29,50 € / person, includes access to the sauna for four hours and evening snack.

Do you want to know more?

Join a guided tour at the Hanko Bird Observatory (Halias), run by the Helsingin seudun lintutieteellinen yhdistys Tringa. Bird migration has been monitored and studied in the southernmost tip of the Finnish mainland for more than 40 years. The guided tour of the otherwise closed area lasts about 1.5 hours and can be booked online!

Hanko Bird Observatory (Halias) also offers bird tours for small groups, school classes and student groups in different languages. Ask for more information:

Tvärminne village nature trail

The nature trail runs through the diverse nature around Tvärminne village and is about 3 kilometres long. Along the route there are several rare or endangered plant and animal species, many of which are protected under the Nature Conservation Act. Along the trail there is an accessible rest and barbecue area where you can observe birds and the surrounding nature.

Tip! You can walk to the nature trail from Tvärminne Zoological Station and enjoy a delicious barbecue by the sea! Let us make you an offer for our ready-made barbecue package to take with you!