Research facilities and equipment

Researchers have the use of several laboratories equipped with the primary tools for conducting analyses.

Researchers also have the use of motorboats and a snowmobile and, depending on circumstances, a car. Please contact the service coordinator for more information or a reservation. If you wish to enquire about or reserve equipment, please contact the laboratory technician.

Laboratories and equipment

The station includes six research laboratories, four of which are located in the Main Building.

  • Soil laboratory
  • Physiological laboratory
  • Histology laboratory
  • Laboratory for microscope and similar work

The soil laboratory can be used for “rough” analysis, such as handling soil or captured animals.

The laboratories are equipped with the most important instruments required for conducting analyses, including scales, centrifuges, a fume cupboard and a laminar flow cabinet, pH and conductivity indicators, a small autoclave, a thermophore, a dry ice machine, a water distiller, a spectrophotometer, a steam cabinet, a ULT freezer, a mirror stereoscope and microscopes. In addition, one of the laboratories includes a cold storage room for samples and a freezer room. Researchers can also borrow a camera, binoculars and a telescope.


If needed, researchers can book the following equipment:

  • Two vans (seating 9)
  • Two passenger cars (seating 5)
  • A trailer
  • A Buster boat and three motor boats
  • A snowmobile and a sleigh
  • Several bicycles
  • Skis and other camping equipment

The station will charge the kilometre allowance stipulated by the Finnish authorities for the use of the car. Motor vehicles may only be borrowed for research purposes.

Chemicals and research permits


Researchers are responsible for acquiring the chemicals they need for their laboratory analyses. The station provides the calibration solutions for its laboratory equipment.

Research permits

Researchers intending to conduct field studies in a protected area of Kilpisjärvi must apply for the relevant permits. Be sure to submit your permit applications to Metsähallitus several months before you are due to begin field investigations. Any research conducted in the areas of Malla Strict Nature Reserve, Saana Herb-rich Forest Reserve and the nature reserves of Saana and Annjalonji are subject to a permit. We recommend contacting Metsähallitus even if you only intend to conduct field research in unprotected areas.