Kilpisjärvi Science Trails app offers tourists a view beyond the scenery via fascinating research-based content

While the majestic scenery of Kilpisjärvi is definitely worth experiencing and seeing in its own right, the application offers tourists the chance to dive under the ice, gaze high into the sky and take a peek back in time to better understand what they are seeing.

The science trails reveal the phenomena underlying the spectacular Kilpisjärvi landscape.

The Kilpisjärvi Biological Station of the University of Helsinki will publish a set of digital science trails from 8 June 2023 in Kilpisjärvi. The digital science trails set on four popular hiking trails offer research-based content at 34 stops in Finnish, Swedish and English. The content of the application is also available as audio files. In addition, a website for the science trails and a podcast series on related themes will be published. The Kilpisjärvi Science Trails app can be downloaded free of charge from app stores as of 8 June 2023.The science trails will deepen tourists’ understanding of the destination and create new experiences for even the more seasoned visitors. The trails furthermore benefit the region’s tourism industry by developing science tourism, increasing the regions renown and attracting new visitors.

The science trails consist of multidisciplinary content, not forgetting the arts. Hikers get to explore the landscape in more detail through at least biology, geology, physics, archaeology and history. The digital content of the trails provides a new way to share research knowledge with the public.

The University of Helsinki is producing the science trails in Kilpisjärvi as part of the Pathways to Science and Research Stations’ RDI services project funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Regional Council of Lapland.

Welcome to the opening ceremony of the science trails on 8 June 2023!

The opening ceremony of the Kilpisjärvi Science Trails will take place at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station on Thursday, 8 June 2023 at 11.00. The address is Käsivarrentie 14622, 99490 Kilpisjärvi.

The programme includes an open seminar and a hike on the Saana trail. The seminar can be followed via this live stream. You can find instructions for joining the stream below. No registration is required for the event.


11.00 Seminar

Lähteekö arktinen muutos lapasesta? (‘Is change in the Arctic getting out of hand?, presentation in Finnish)
Invited speaker: Atte Korhola, Professor of Environmental Change, University of Helsinki

Tiedematkailulla vaikuttavia kävijäkokemuksia (‘Impactful visitor experiences through science tourism’, presentation in Finnish)
Invited speaker: Esko Sorakunnas, Postdoctoral Researcher, DSc (Econ. and BA), MSc, University of Turku

Presentation of Kilpisjärvi Science Trails
Ditte Taipale, University Lecturer, University of Helsinki (presentation in English and Finnish)

12.30–13.30 Lunch (independently)

13.45 Transport to the Malla car park or independent transfer

14.00 Guided hiking tour of the Saana science trail (in Finnish and English)

Departure from the Malla car park to the Saana trail. The Saana campfire hut (1 km) offers the opportunity to take a break and return to the beginning of the trail, from where transport is available to the biological station (hike duration under two hours). Alternatively, you can continue along the science trail all the way to the top of Saana fell (3 km). The estimated duration of the hike is five hours. We recommend dressing according to weather, including waterproof hiking shoes, and bringing your own drinking water.

Children are also welcome to participate with their parents. For the duration of the seminar, guided activities for children are available on the station premises.

If you need accommodation, please contact the office of the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station by email at or by phone on +358 2941 40341.


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Further information on the science trails and the opening ceremony