This project is conducted in collaboration with our partners from the third sector, artists and scholars. Please find the detailed list below
Project partners and collaborators


Project Manager Mona Eid (THL)

Doctoral Researcher Hai Nguyen (UTU) University of Turku 

Senior Research Fellow Reetta Mietola (UH) 

Senior Research Fellow Sanna Rikala (TUNI) Tampere University 

Research Officer Veena Meetoo (UCL) 

Senior Lecturer China Mills (City, University of London) 

Päivi Berg et al + IMAGINE –project

Artist Maija K. Baijukya  

Comics Artist Johanna Rojola 

Artist and graphic designer Jade Lönnqvist

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Association (SAMHA) 

Youth Mental Health Association YEESI & Muudi project 

VAMLAS Support Foundation for Disabled Children and Young People 

MixedFinns Association 

Feminist and Antiracist Association Fem-R