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The project was initiated due to numerous requests by upper secondary schools: twelve general upper secondary schools in Finland have participated in the project and two general upper secondary schools from Sweden.
The intervention course Study with strength

The overall purpose of the Study with Strength intervention course is to promote well-being and stress management skills among students in upper secondary schools. The course is theoretically based on research based methods from positive psychology, neuroscience cognitive-behaviour therapy and education.

Positive psychology is not about ignoring problems, just to "think positive" or to be happy all the time. Instead, it is about seeking a balance between the positive and the negative in life, because we often tend to put a lot of focus on problems and setbacks. 

Teachers in the upper secondary school teach the course. Before teaching the course, the teachers participate in a five-day training course given by the project team. During the training, we cover all course content and the ready-to use lesson material.

Course content

The course consists of seventeen lessons (approximately 38 hours). The lessons in the course follow the 5-factor PERMA model of well-being by Professor Martin Seligman. The course consists of theory, discussions and reflections as well as exercises. Among the topics included in the course are strengths, positive emotions, mindset, resilience and self-efficacy. 

Contact information

If you want to hear more about the Study with Strength course, and how your school can implement the course in your curriculum, please contact Åse Fagerlund or Monica Londén.

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