Project team
Meet our research team and get to know our strengths.
Please contact Monica Londén or Åse Fagerlund if you have questions about the project. You will find all team members' email adresses via the links.
Monica Londén

PhD, university lecturer in Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki and principal investigator (PI) for Study with Strength together with Åse Fagerlund.

My core strengths are perseverance, kindness, fairness. I strive to use the strengths when I encounter people both in my everyday life and at work.

Åse Fagerlund

PhD, neuropsychologist, psychotherapist. Senior researcher at Folkhälsan Research Center in Helsinki and Principal investigator (PI) together with Monica Londen. I supervise students within the project.

Among my strengths are a strong love of learning, together with courage, judgment and kindness. Without a combination of courage and love of learning I would never have started up research projects on strengthening the well-being of young people. In research we can make use of many different strengths and I find it great that within the research group we can draw upon many different strengths.

Stefania Fält

Psychologist, PhD student, psychotherapist student at the University of Helsinki, university teacher at Åbo Akademi University. I'm analysing the quantitative data of the project for my PhD.

My core strengths are appreciation of beauty and excellence, judgement, forgiveness and gratitude. In my everyday life, I appreciate the stillness of nature and home. Gratitude often goes hand in hand with my appreciation of beauty and excellence. In my work with both research and clients, I do my best to use my judgment. Forgiveness helps me to deal with conflicts, but sometimes it can be hard for me to forgive myself.

Nina Hongell-Ekholm

PhD student, M.Sc. Economics, work counselor, and mediator. I am doing qualitative research for the project, with a focus on the students.

My signature strengths are honesty, love, appreciation of beauty and excellence, and love of learning. Honesty and love help me live authentically, finding a balance between family, work, and  Ph.D. studies. Curiosity and love of learning drive me forward in everything I do, being especially useful in my research. Long walks in nature and fixing my garden gives me peace and appreciation of the beauty around me.

Pehr Jakobsson

PhD student working at Folkhälsans research center in Helsinki within the intervention project Study with strength. My research interest revolves around the teacher's role in positive psychology school interventions.

My main strengths are love, hope and curiosity. So far this has been a good combination of strengths that has allowed me to keep learning, develop and navigate in every-day life.

Olivia Dahllund

Graduate student in social psychology at the University of Helsinki. My role in the project is to study the well-being of students before the intervention course. My thesis is based on the quantitative data and I am analysing possible gender and regional differences in experienced well-being.

My core strengths are ambition, curiosity and flexibility. My ambition and curiosity led me to this project. The human nature intrigues me and the way we perceive ourselves and others fascinates me both personally and academically. My flexibility gives me strength to seize the moment and enjoy the little things in life.

Michelle Gustafsson

Masters’ student in Neuroscience on the biology teacher study track at the University of Helsinki. My role in the project is to study the ill-being of students before the intervention course. My thesis is based on quantitative data, and I am analysing possible differences in ill-being and cortisol levels according to socio-contextual factors in the environment as well as the potential protective role of school atmosphere. 

My core strengths are my positivity, curiosity, and ambition. I am driven by my ambition and curiosity to learn and evolve, and this is also what led me to the project Study with Strength. My positivity shapes my outlook on life and motivates me in my work and in my everyday life.