FoodLeader Newsletter May 2024

Read the summary of the FoodLeader project for May 2024, written by the project coordinators. The project team launched the website in English, developed a study protocol related to school feeding programs and continued to work on the laboratory equipment procurement process among with other project tasks.
FoodLeader project proceeded according to plan in May

In May, the FoodLeader project continued to progress across several areas. We developed a study protocol related to school feeding programs and practical learning. Additionally, we clarified the laboratory equipment procurement processes in Kenya and Mozambique as part of upgrading the laboratory facilities. We also reviewed the literature focusing on mycotoxins and pesticides in food samples in Africa, which will be part of the development of the Dietary and Food Safety Assessment Tool (DASAT).

Stakeholder engagement was also productive. For example, we met with another Higher Education Partnerships project, NERC, which focuses on nutrition education and research in Nepal. Moreover, we launched a website in English, which enhances our outreach and accessibility.

Looking forward to June, we aim to continue developing our study protocol, reviewing the literature on toxins and pesticides, among with other tasks. Additionally, the aim is to develop a website version in Portuguese. Reflecting on the achievements of May, the project proceeded well according to the project plan.

Summary of the main achievements
  • The FoodLeader website in English was published.
  • The food science and nutrition study protocol related to the school feeding programmes and practical learning was further developed.
  • The review of mycotoxins and pesticides literature proceeded after the initial version.
  • The progress of laboratory equipment procurement was frequently discussed with partners.