In addition to the University of Helsinki and the University of Jyväskylä, CREDU consisted of six companies (Fondia, JKMM, Reaktor/MinnaLearn, Reunamo Education Research, Rockway and Wörks) and two Inkind-partners (Pikkuli and Harhama Games).
University of Helsinki

The CREDU research team at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Helsinki studied a wide range of everyday learning and communication situations, using a variety of surveys, interviews, observations and brain research. 

"In many studies, our methods were developed to meet the needs of new research challenges. We worked together with companies to bring the research closer to their questions, without compromising the scientific quality of the research and even further improving it."

University of Jyväskylä

The CREDU research group at the Department of Music, Arts and Culture Studies at the University of Jyväskylä used surveys and interviews to investigate motivation and engagement in self-directed learning activities. The study was designed in collaboration with the partner companies. It focused on their course platforms users, who were adults studying out of their own interest. Both learning and playfulness perspectives were applied in parallel to the motivation study.


Founded in 2004, Fondia is a full-service business law firm and a pioneer in the use of new service models and technology in the field. We offer our customers pre-packaged, fixed-price service concepts that can be purchased as needed. Fondia has succeeded in creating new ways for our clients to obtain legal services and in leveraging digital environments in our service models.


JKMM Architects is one of Finland's leading architectural and interior design firms. Our design strategy is based on a vision of well-being and happiness, and learning environments play an important role in achieving this - learning increases well-being.

"We wanted to challenge the whole design field, and our own previous solutions, and set out to investigate how different factors in the physical environment actually affect learning. This extremely interesting and important project has opened our eyes to many of the mistakes and misconceptions that are often made in design, and how spaces are often used in practice in different ways than we thought at the design stage. It would be important to use the results of CREDU in future learning environment projects!"


MinnaLearn, previously part of Reaktor, is a world-class e-learning provider. Our flagship course, Elements of AI, has been voted by students as the world's best online course in computer science. The course has more than 800 000 students and has spread to nearly every country in the world.

"CREDU provided us with an excellent experience where academic research and practical applications were seamlessly combined. The open collaboration and sharing of experiences between consortium members was particularly valuable!"

Reunamo Education Research

Reunamo Education Research is based on the scientific research and the quality system produced by Docent Jyrki Reunamo. Our aim is to identify the structures and conditions of the learning environment that support well-being and learning, the risks of exclusion and the measures needed to support leadership.

"CREDU project utilised Reunamo Education Research's Progressive Feedback quality management tool as part of a large-scale follow-up study in early childhood education and care centres. Thank you for an inspiring collaboration that will allow us to continue supporting our clients with reliable, researched data."


Rockway is a Finnish online service for music enthusiasts, founded in 2007. Our mission is to develop Finnish music culture through our online services, to be the largest online music operator in Finland and to develop the field of e-learning with our partners by being a pioneer and expert.

"It was great to see that during the project we were able to implement what the researchers had found in their research into the product we were developing."


Wörks develops strategic marketing and service design for Finland's largest companies. Wörks aims to enter international markets by developing a scalable platform to support sustainable development strategy work, in which research data from CREDU has played a critical role. 

"CREDU was an interesting and incredibly educational experience for our company. We developed and explored two new business areas, a tool for scenario work on radical strategies for companies and an application for biodiversity impact calculations. It was enriching and refreshing to hear about other companies' projects, which we used to fuel our own innovation. For us, CREDU was also an opportunity to develop truly global innovation."



The Pikkuli emotional skills teaching concept was developed based on the Pikkuli animated series and books. The training and systematic pedagogical use of this concept was piloted for the first time during the CREDU project.

"We were able to test our service concept in the demo phase. We also received an important message about the functionality of our concept, which has been very important for marketing purposes. This validation was important for us to be able to say that the Pikkuli pedagogy is proven to work. It also gave us more visibility, which is always good for a new and small company. And, of course, on a personal level, it was inspiring to see how the lessons we had developed came to life in different child groups."

Harhama Games

Harhama Games is a small indie game studio in Helsinki. We develop games with powerful stories that the gaming world is not yet used to hearing! We promote the polyphony of the games industry by drawing on our divergent expertise in poetry, literature, history and psychology.