In cooperation for the living tradition

The cultural heritage of the University of Helsinki has its percussions in many fields in the Finnish cultural life and the society. The conferment is an academic event, but traces of it are left in many museums and private collections from a long period of time. With this extensive cooperation the jubilee year wants to emphasize the meaning of education and civilization. Important societal debates are often initiated in the heart of universities.

The most important partners of the Conferment Jubilee are the Helsinki University Museum and the historically close National Library.

The National Museum, Helsinki City Museum, the Mannerheim Museum, and the National Gallery have participated in the project with loans and information service. The Finnish Literature Society and the Swedish Literature Society will during the spring 2023 together organize a collection of memories. The Academic Bookstore is also our partner.

Without the artists - composer Cecilia Damström, poet Cecilia Rinne, countertenor David Hackston, designer Ella Boucht – the project would not have reached its important artistic character. 

Other partners in musical issues are prof. Eero Tarasti, prof. Susanna Välimäki, Ylioppilaskunnan Soittajat (Marja Tiainen, conductor Aku Sorensen) ja Akateeminen Laulu (Elina Ovaskainen, artistic director Dominik Vogt).

Historians PhD Tero Halonen, PhD Eva Ahl-Waris, MA Pasi Pykälistö and ethnologist Ph D Jukka Relas have supported this project with their work. We also thank all our interviewees for the podcast-series.

The Conferment Jubilee Year works in close synergy with the four conferment faculties of this spring and their committees.