Jubilating together

The main sponsor of the Jubilee Year is the Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth foundation.

The project is also funded by the Niilo Helander foundation, Faro-säätiö and Hélène och Walter Grönqvists stiftelse and Stiftelsen Tre Smeder.

Also private persons can participate in the Jubilee Year with donations!
Support from foundations

The conferment phenomenon and opening up the meaning of this tradition in 2023 is important for the University of Helsinki. Its central missions being teaching and research, academic traditions form the cultural heritage both of the university itself but also of the whole nation.

The funding of the Jubilee consists of the university’s own funding (14 %) and support from foundations (86%).

Main supporters are Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth’s foundation (115 000 e) and Niilo Helander foundation (50 000 e). Other sponsors are Faro-säätiö, Walter och Hélène Grönqvists stiftelse and Tre Smeder.

The Jubilee Year expresses gratitude towards the foundations whse impact is crucial for the visibility of the conferment tradition outside the university and the core events.