Join in and make the Conferment Jubilee immemorial!

The conferment tradition which is many centuries old has not previously been celebrated with a campaign, a jubilee year or a programme this varied. The tradition is actually reinforcing itself in Finland – a good time to study its history and reflect on both its values and the needs for renewal.

Whether you are a hard-core traditionalist or a member of the university community with less knowledge about the academic forms in Finland, or just intererested, you will surely find something new and interesting during this jubilee year 2023!
How can I participate?


Can you support this project? Yes! Everyone can spread the news about the Jubilee Year and its events and participate with a donation to the campaign for supporting the conferment tradition (see instructions below).

Where can I meet other enthusiasts of academic traditions? Already before the conferment events this spring you can participate in the events that treat the phenomenon with facts and fun. Look at the programme page!

What is this project about? The decision to celebrate the conferment jubilee was made in 2021 due to the 100th conferment of the Faculty of Philosophy. Since then, the project has grown to treat the whole phenomenon and aims in the long run to acknowledge the conferment as an internationally important Finnish immaterial heritage.

How can I register to the conferment this spring? If you have finished an exam in due time in a faculty that organises a conferment this spring, you can register on this faculty’s own website: Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Law (in Finnish) and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

You can make a donation through the university donation form (current fundraising campaigns, move with the arrow until you can select the cause “Conferment tradition 2023”).