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Dress code and insignia

The hats of doctors at the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Law are a specific dark red that is the official color of the Faculty. 

The color code in various formats is as follows: PANTONE 202 EUROCOATED, CMYK 10/100/61/50, RGB 140/0/50

The front of the hat is decorated with the faculty's emblem, which features a wreath with a crossed sword and an "oath rod" (valasauva).

It is not possible to attend the graduation as a doctoral promovendus without the doctoral hat and sword. Honorary doctors will receive their hats as a gift from the faculty.

New doctoral candidates must purchase their own doctoral hats for their graduation. If you do not already have a doctoral cap, you should order one as soon as possible. There will be several conferments in spring 2023 and hat shops will experience high demand.

The university does not have any hats to loan, but you may be able to borrow one from a colleague (although it must be the right colour and a right enough size to stay on). You can also try to find a hat in the Facebook group "Promootiot kierrättää".


Some of the vendors include:

In Finland, the only official civilian sword is the doctor's sword designed by Akseli Gallén-Kallela. No military sword, foreign doctor's sword or sword made for any other purpose may be used as a sword. The sword must bear the emblem and engraving of the University of Helsinki (name of the doctor and date of the doctorate). The date of the Conferment Act will be 16.6.2023.

It is not possible to participate in the ceremony as a promovendus without the faculty's doctoral hat and the sword. Honorary doctors are gifted a sword by the faculty. 

It is possible to borrow a sword from the university. If you wish to do so, please mark so in your sign-up form.  

There are about 40 doctoral swords that the university can lend.  The university is not able to lend doctoral hats.  

Here are some of the vendors:

Different events within the Conferment have distinct dress codes.

Not all conferments have similar traditions and events. The guidelines here may therefore differ from the dress code for conferment ceremonies of other faculties or universities. All participants are asked to follow the dress code on this website for each of the events.

Like the promovendi, their friends and family may choose to dress in the formal attire instructed on the dress code page. Friends and family may also choose to dress in a black suit or dress (long sleeves required) because they do not take part in the Conferment Procession to the church service or the corresponding denominational event at the National Library.

Doctoral guests and companions can take their doctoral hats with them to the ceremony. Guests, including honorary doctors, companions and guests of honor, wear their own doctoral hats (if applicable), regardless of colour and emblem. Foreign doctoral hats are also permitted. The hat is brought into the ballroom on the left arm and placed on the head as the promoter puts on his/her own hat. Men remove their doctoral hats during the "Maamme" song in the Conferment Act and during the following church service or denominational event.

The sword is carried in the Conferment Act only by the doctoral promovendi, honorary doctors, jubilee doctors, the Conferrer, the Master of Ceremonies and the Head Marshal. They will carry their swords in the conferment procession and the Cathedral or National Library, but the sword will not be taken to the Conferment dinner (it can be left in the cloakroom).

When state decorations or academic decorations and medals are worn, they must be full-sized, not miniatures. Student nation or student association colours (sashes, ribbons) and such are not worn at the Conferment.

It is recommended that attendees leave any handbags in the cloakroom for the duration of the ceremony.


Registration of promovendi is ongoing until 30 April 2023.

You must graduate as a Doctor of Laws by the 23rd of April 2023.  

Unfortunately you can not, if the degree in question is the same as before. Each academic rank can only be conferred once. If you are conferred in absentia, you cannot participate in the conferment ceremony in person for the same academic degree again. 

Participation in the Conferment Ceremony is either for all three days of events from the 15th to the 17th of June, or just in the Conferment Act on Friday the 16th (and the act rehearsal on the day before). The options have been limited to the above-mentioned two because the Conferment Ceremony is a 3-day continuum, not just a collection of separate events. 

The Honorary Doctors’ Seminar on the 15th of June is, however, separate from the other events and it is open to all. 

Yes, you are warmly welcome to participate!  

It is possible to take part while being absent (absens), in which case the promovendus will have their name and information entered in the Matricula as well as the right to wear the insignia of their academic degree. The participation fee is 100 euros for those who are participating while being absent. The fee also includes the Matricula.

Traditionally only the conferred doctors have the right to bear the academic insignia of their rank (the hat and the sword). 

The names of these promovendi will be read out during the Conferment Act as Doctores in absentia.

We will send you emails to the email address you provided when registering. Information about the program and dress code is also being updated on this website. 

By email to oik-promootio@helsinki.fi. Please see the terms of cancellation on the registration page. 


The Conferment Committee does not wish to set restrictions on the choice of companion (avec), and the companion can well be a friend or a relative of the promovendus, for example. However, the companion has to be over the age of 18. You are also free to participate without a companion.  

Yes, they are welcome. Please note the dress code for guests. 

The Conferment Committee will arrange a photographer to be present at all events. Details regarding the distribution of the photos as well as of the distribution of the commemorative book will be announced to the promovendi after the festivities.  

To maintain the right atmosphere, taking photographs or videos is absolutely forbidden during the Conferment Act in the Great Hall. Promovendi are asked to inform any friends and relatives attending the events about the rules regarding photography.

The venues for the conferment events have been selected with accessibility in mind. The events are held in different environments, also partly outdoors. Therefore, accessibility might be limited in some venues. We will present detailed information about accessibility within the programme. If you have any questions regarding the accessibility of the venues, please do not hesitate to contact the Conferment Committee.