Please find out more about the three-day festivities below.

Honorary Doctors' Seminar

The seminar is organised in honour of the Conferment's honorary doctors and gives attendees the opportunity to learn more about them and hear about their research. The seminar is open to students and staff.  

Conferment act rehearsal 

The mandatory Conferment act rehearsal takes place in the university’s Great Hall on Thursday. The proceedings of the following day’s Conferment act are rehearsed. 


Rector’s audience 

The doctor promovendi and their companions are invited to an audience with the rector of the university. 


Sword-whetting dinner 

On Thursday evening, after the rector’s audience, the doctor promovendi and the sword-whetters will attend a dinner honouring the companions of the doctoral promovendi. The evening will feature speeches, musical numbers 


Schedule (exact times to be confirmed)

10 am - 12.30 pm    Honorary doctors' seminar, Suomen Laki -hall, Porthania (Yliopistonkatu 3)

3 pm - 4.45 pm    Act Rehearsal, University main building (Unioninkatu 34)

5 pm - 6 pm         Rector’s audience 

6.30 pm - midnight    Sword-whetting dinner, Winter Garden, Restaurant Sipuli (Kanavaranta 7)

Conferment act 

The Conferment Act is the most important and dignified event of the whole Conferment. The conferment of academic degrees is performed in the act. In the Conferment act the promovendi also receive the right to bear the academic insignia associated with their degrees: the Doctoral hat and sword.  

In addition to the new promovendi, the Honorary Doctors and the Jubilee Masters and Doctors are also conferred during the act. 

Church service or a nondenominational event 

After the Conferment act, the promovendi will exit the university’s Great Hall as one procession that divides into two groups based on whether the promovendi will attend the Conferment church service or the secular ceremony. The processions will continue to either Helsinki Cathedral or the National Library. The solemn processions are one of the grandest moments of the Conferment and they attract an audience of onlookers on the Senate Square. 

Conferment dinner 

Friday culminates in the Conferment dinner at hotel Hilton Kalastajatorppa, which is the most dignified and festive dinner of the Conferment week. The night will feature speeches, musical entertainment, and a elegant five-course meal to finish the long and memorable day.  

The Conferment dinner will be attended by the new doctor promovendi, their companions and all honorary guests. 



10 am - 12 noon   Conferment Act, University main building (Unioninkatu 34)

Please note, the recommended arrival time for promovendi is 9 am and for the guests 9:30 am. There may be queues at the coat check. The main doors close at 9:45 am. 

12 noon - 1 pm    Confirmation church service at Helsinki Cathedral (Unioninkatu 29)


                      Nondenominational event at the National Library (Unioninkatu 36)

7 pm - 3 am    Conferment dinner at Hilton Kalastajatorppa (Kalastajatorpantie 1)

Conferment sailing 

The Conferment excursion will take the form of a cruise around the Helsinki archipelago. The boat takes off from Helsinki Market Square at noon. The ship can’t wait for latecomers, so please make sure to be on time. Remember to bring your white student cap, if you have one.  

The excursion includes a tasty lunch served on board.  


12 noon - 3 pm    Conferment sailing and lunch

Departure and arrival at Linnanlaituri at Helsinki Market Square (Linnanlaituri 1, 00170 Helsinki).