The COVERE² project is created by the consortium of the University of Helsinki (Finland), ELEKS (Estonia), Vitagora (France) and Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (Malta). The University of Helsinki coordinates the project.
University of Helsinki

Verdant Viikki Campus at the geographical centre of the City of Helsinki is surrounded by numerous research fields and has operated in front lines of the life sciences since 1946. The campus employs nearly 1,900 people and has more than 6,000 students.


Eleks can help to solve the next problems: to bring enterprise software vision to life, to reduce operational business costs, and to adopt digital transformations that help businesses thrive. Eleks has championed technological innovation since 1991. Our expertise is covered by eight core Centres of Excellence: Software Engineering & Development Office, Business Analysis Office, Project Management Office, Product Design Office, Information Development Office, Data Science Office, Customer Support Office, and Quality Assurance Office.

Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST)

Established in 2001, the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) stands as the foremost vocational education and training institution in the country. Comprising six Institutes in Malta and the Gozo Campus, MCAST boasts a diverse educational landscape, offering over 190 full-time courses and more than 300 part-time vocational courses, ranging from certificates to Doctoral level. With a mission to provide universally accessible vocational and professional education with an international dimension, MCAST is dedicated to meeting the dynamic needs of both individuals and the economy. As the national Manager for the Climate-KIC Hub and the academic partner of the EIT Urban Mobility KIC Malta Hub, MCAST has successfully executed Climate-KIC Strategic Programmes, including Accelerator, Pioneers into Practice, Young Innovators, and the Journey programmes. Notably, MCAST actively participated in the SysMa 4 Transition project in 2020, focusing on System Mapping as a Service for post-COVID Regional Transition.


Vitagora is an agrifood innovation cluster and professional association based in Dijon, France. Vitagora facilitates an innovation ecosystem of 660 members from France and throughout Europe including SMEs, start-ups, multinationals, research/academia partners and service providers. These members collaborate on joint actions and R&D projects related to three key areas of scientific and technological excellence. These areas respond to increasing consumer demand for wellness through food: targeting eating pleasure, physical health, but also the link to our environment, addressing sustainable agri-food industry practices.