COVERE² at Sustainability Science Open Day in Helsinki

On Wednesday, June 12, members of the COVERE² consortium participated in the Sustainability Science Open Day in Helsinki, coinciding with their consortium meeting.
A day of exploring synergies for multiplying impact

The Sustainability Science (SSD) days is a summit for groundbreaking, transdisciplinary research. It is the biggest sustainability science conference in Finland. SSD brings together the academic community, international top speakers, societal changemakers, and the public to create knowledge, actions, and solutions for a sustainable future. The Open Day is organized in collaboration with various local and global partners. It will celebrate a wide array of sustainability efforts and innovation, increase public awareness of sustainability challenges and solutions, and build new connections between research and action.

The Food Innovation Summit, a highlight of the event, was a collaborative effort between the 4InnoPipe project and the Viikki Food Design Factory. 4InnoPipe is a project funded by EIT as part of the HEI Initiative. Its aims at developing entrepreneurship and innovation within Higher Education Institutions. Viikki Food Design Factory is the home of a new type of food innovation activity, bringing together food and innovation experts and facilitating the creation of new sustainable solutions related to primary production, processing, distribution and consumption of food.

The program featured a workshop on Sustainable Business Model hosted by Xenia Duffy from the Chief Zebra, Denmark and a start-up pitching competition. In addition, COVERE², 4InnoPipe and Viikki Food Design Factory teams gathered to investigate how to support each other efforts and leverage their initiatives. 

The day was a fantastic opportunity to build on existing foundations, generate synergies to multiply impact, explore further collaboration opportunities, and network!