ATTX project members.
Joonas Kesäniemi

Joonas acts as the project manager and the "primus motor" of the project. He has a history with software development, semantic web technologies and open data, but this is his first time in the driver's seat. He believes that tools such as deliverable of the ATTX project are the key in turning data publishing success stories into data usage success stories.

João Da Silva

João acts as the infrastructure and Devops specialist for the project. His background is on the development and implementation of infrastructure projects. He's a proponent of open source, especially for cloud-based open data solutions.

Stefan Negru

Stefan is the Linked Open Data Specialist on the project with a background on Semantic Web technologies, Linked Data, Graph Databases and Visual Analytics. His focus is on integrating data from heterogeneous sources and developing the components to aid this process. At the same time he seeks to explore new and exciting ways to make use of his expertise throughout the project.


Jenkins just gets stuff done. 

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