We are looking for organizations to join us in putting linked data to work.

The project is still taking its first steps, so the list is currently empty.

Stay tuned for project news!

How to participate?

There are five levels of commitment to choose from: 

  • Observer - Participates in the steering group work with an insider's view to the projects development. 
  • Contributor - Provides tools or data for the project.  
  • Consultant - Provides work resources for the project in some shape of form. 
  • Maker - Has and/or owns a concrete use case. 
  • Investor - Provides financial resources for the project in order to get desired results.  

More detailed information about the different roles can be found in the partnership options document below. The figure below offers an alternative summary of the participation roles and the expected amount of work (= pain) and value (= gain) involved (excluding investor).