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1.4. 2020
Wed 1.4.2020 13:00-14:00 Webinar A seminar series on research related to Helsinki...
2.4. 2020
Thu 2.4.2020 15:30-17:00 ZOOM (live) @EduSciHelsinki Welcome to hear and...
3.4. 2020
Fri 3.4.2020 12:00-14:00 LIVE STREAM - LIVE...

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Walk with mammoths and broaden your thinking through newest scientific knowledge. Discover a rare plant and travel across the universe. The University of Helsinki’s visitor attractions are welcoming you to drop by or stay for longer.

Think Corner

Think Corner offers the latest in research in the heart of the City Centre Campus, surrounded by the passionate young and wise seniors, in the living room of one of the world’s top universities. Think Corner offers spaces, services and events to generate new thinking and new creative energy. Doors and ideas are open for everyone.