Professor Kaarle Hämeri received the International Aerosol Fellow Award

Hämeri is known for his work on aerosol physics, urban air quality and indoor air.

The International Aerosol Research Assembly (IARA) has awarded Professor Kaarle Hämeri with its prestigious International Aerosol Fellow Award 2016. Professor Hämeri has a chair in aerosol physics at the University of Helsinki, Department of Physics. The award is granted to recognize outstanding contributions to Aerosol Science and Technology through research, technical development, education and service.

- I do research on urban air quality and on how fine particles are transported from outdoors, he explains.

- Indoor environments also have many aerosol sources. One topical issue is the emission from 3D printing to indoor air. Because the particles have a significant influence on people’s health, one must understand the sources and the influence of different particles.

The award jury highlighted the many roles of Kaarle Hämeri within the field both nationally and internationally. He is an active teacher whose methods have gained wide recognition.

Hämeri has educated more than 300 researchers throughout the world and published over 120 peer reviewed publications. He is also active in organizing conferences and has had several editorial positions at international journals.

International Aerosol Fellow Award is one of the most appreciated awards globally in Aerosol Science. It is granted every second year. Since 1990, it has been given 13 times, and the awarded scientists are 20. This year the award was given to Professor Kaarle Hämeri and to Professor Junji Cao (Institute of Earth Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences).

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