Nokia, University of Helsinki, and Aalto University established a research unit for data science and future networks

The research unit is in close association with Nokia Bell Labs.

The mission of the new Nokia Center for Advanced Research (NCAR) is to identify crucial problems pertaining to the industry and then explore new solutions for these problems based on basic research.

The NCAR research unit facilitates joint research activities between Nokia Bell Labs and the academic partners and aims for breakthrough results.

- The NCAR vision pertains to a world in which billions of users and hundreds of billions of things are connected and form the basis for new personalized, adaptive, attentive, social and smart services. The requirements for massive scalability in terms of data and connectivity, dynamic operation, and machine intelligence present a number of problems that will be addressed by the center, says professor Sasu Tarkoma at the University of Helsinki.

Research funded by the university and Nokia

To establish the center Nokia has made a donation of 150 000 euros to the University of Helsinki. The Faculty of Science at the university of Helsinki has provided matching funds of 100 000 euros.

The basic funding of the center will be used for open research. This basic support is complemented by research projects coordinated by the center.

The Nokia Center for Advanced Research unit was launched in April, 2016, by the University of Helsinki and the Aalto University. Professor Sasu Tarkoma leads the unit that is coordinated by the Computer Science Department of the University of Helsinki.

Professor Antti Ylä-Jääski from the Department of Computer Science at the Aalto University is the Deputy Head of NCAR.

More information:

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Professor Sasu Tarkoma, +358-40-5062163,, Head of Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki