Night of the Arts at the University, 18 August 2022

The Night of the Arts will be celebrated in Helsinki on 18 August, with many units of the University of Helsinki taking part in the celebrations.

Events at the University 

Think Corner

Welcome to Uuden tiedon yö (‘The Night of New Knowledge’) at Think Corner!

Uuden tiedon klubi (‘Club New Knowledge’) will celebrate the Night of the Arts on the Think Corner stage. What does the nocturnal life of bats and tree hyraxes living in the Taita Hills in Kenya look like? Why is it important to understand both early birds and night owls? On offer are five scholarly presentations on nocturnal phenomena and a pub quiz with questions on science and research, arts and night time.

The event begins at roughly 17.00 and ends at 20.30 (presentations from 17.00 to 19.15, pub quiz from 19.30 to 20.30).

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Main Building of the University of Helsinki

Welcome to the Main Building of the University of Helsinki on the Night of the Arts!

You can spend a moment drawing a live model, or take a tour of the remodelled facilities and the artworks displayed in them. You will also have the chance to take a peek at rooms usually closed to the public. Free entrance.

The event begins at 16.15 and ends at 22.00 (Croquis drawing from 16.15 to 19.00, the facilities and art treasures of the Main Building from 19.00 to 22.00).

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Topelia courtyard, University of Helsinki

T-Bone Slim – New interpretations / Uusia tulkintoja

New interpretations and research on the life and writings of “T-Bone Slim” (Matti Valentinpoika Huhta). Free entry.

The event begins at 18.00 and ends at 19.00.

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The National Library of Finland

Night of the Arts: What the New York Times wrote on your birthday?

The Night of the Arts at the National library on 18th August at 18.15-21.00 offers a change to get to know the secrets of the microfilms. Come by yourself, with a friend or even with a small group and investigate what the Big apples leading newspaper - The New York Times wrote when you drew your first breath! In the North Hall, the visitors have a change to read the paper published on the day of their birth, under the guidance of our staff. 

In case of formation of queues, on worries! Since in the Cupola Hall, the audience can enjoy musical professionals! At 18.30 Duo Ilomäki & Turriago plays piano and flute music. Evening will be ended at 20.20 with Chamber choir Värinä, which is a Helsinki based mixed choir whose members share a passion and love for singing wonderful choir music. The choir is led by music pedagogic and journalist Noora Hirn. Free entry.

The event begins at 18.15 and ends at 21.00.

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