The hundredth conferment marks the highlight of the Conferment Jubilee 2023

During the Conferment Jubilee, the University of Helsinki organises the one-hundredth conferment of the Faculty of Philosophy and, altogether, conferments in four faculties. The tradition of conferring doctors and masters has survived through centuries and is among the best-preserved traditions of the University.

The Conferment Jubilee is opened on 20 March 2023 in an event in which the new honorary doctors are also announced. During the Conferment Jubilee, we want to celebrate not only the conferment tradition itself but also the cultural and societal importance of the University in general.

The conferment is a ceremony that lasts many days. Masters and doctors celebrate their exams in very festive forms together with the whole University community. The history of the conferment goes all the way back to the founding era of the University, to 1643. The Finnish, internationally unique tradition of conferring doctors and masters is the best-preserved expression of the University community and has survived through centuries. In spring 2023, the Faculty of Philosophy celebrates its 100th conferment. In addition, the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine, Theology and Law organise conferments during this jubilee year.

The programme of the Jubilee Year

The programme of the Conferment Jubilee Year is open for everyone. During the celebrations you can, for example, participate on Monday, 20 March in the opening event, which is also the premiere of the 2023 multilingual conferment cantata Science Frictions. The National Library presents a history exhibition Promotio 1643–2023. A Jubilation of a Ceremony 21.3 – 31.10, where treasures connected with the conferment are on display and where you can participate in the debate about a future non-binary conferment dress.

A podcast-series about the conferment tradition and a history book about the conferment will be published. Moreover, you can participate in public events at both Think Corner and the National Museum, take part in guided tours in May or send your proposal for a new drinking song.  

Information and all the events can be found on the Jubilee website (the English site is under construction).

A vast cooperation and external funding

The project, promoted by the Chancellor of the University Kaarle Hämeri and presided over by Jussi Herlin, is the result of broad cooperation with the National Library, the National Museum, the Helsinki City Museum, the Helsinki University Museum, student organisations, the HU alumni network, the University of Helsinki Alumni Association and the Academic Bookstore as well as many other societies and people.

Artistic performances and scientific expertise are presented by poet Cia Rinne, composer Cecilia Damström, designer Ella Boucht, the historians Tero Halonen, Eva Ahl-Waris and Kristina Ranki. The Conferment Jubilee is enabled by funding from Finnish foundations – the main partner is the Ella and Georg Ehrnrooth Foundation.

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