The Equality and Diversity Award of the University of Helsinki to Afristadi Research Network

The Maikki Friberg Equality and Diversity Award is annually presented at the University of Helsinki to an individual or organization that has made significant achievements in promoting equality and diversity within the university. The award was granted to the Afristadi network.
Afristadi kurkottaa mannerten yli laadukkaan tutkimusosaamisen avulla

Promoting equality and diversity and considering their significance are important values within the scientific community. The university's Equality and Diversity Committee, which presented the award, emphasized the importance of promoting equality in research work.

The Afristadi Research Network focuses on advancing interdisciplinary research and research collaboration related to Africa. The award was given as recognition of the network's efforts in promoting equality, diversity, and inclusivity within the scientific community. Friederike Lüpke, a professor within the network, expressed her appreciation for the recognition:

I am extremely grateful for this award, which acknowledges Afristadi's commitment to promoting diversity and equality within our research community. We are proud that Afristadi succeeds in bringing topics related to Africa to the forefront at our university and in Finnish society, while also contributing to the representation of African researchers."

We hope that this award further enhances the significance of African research, African perspectives, and the contributions of Africans to science and society," she added.

The key areas of operation for Afristadi are research, education, and interaction. The network aims to connect researchers specializing in Africa from various faculties, promote interdisciplinary research and innovative research questions, and provide a platform for cross-disciplinary research activities based on collaboration.

Additionally, Afristadi fosters high-quality and diverse education and collaboration with Finnish society. It offers researchers a platform for conducting interdisciplinary research and research activities in Africa and beyond, thereby promoting cross-disciplinary understanding of topics related to Africa.

The forum also contributes to the University of Helsinki’s Africa programme with insight from the social sciences and humanities. 

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