Blast Your Future Startup to Space with the University of Helsinki!

The University of Helsinki is launching Pre-Incubation and Incubation Programs at its Four Campuses. The first pre-incubation and incubation programs will be launched at Kumpula home to the Faculty of Science in April of 2022.

The University of Helsinki is strengthening its entrepreneurial ecosystem. We are building new services to both provide topnotch support for university-based entrepreneurs especially at the early stage.  

The strong backbone of the entrepreneurial ecosystem will be new Campus Incubators. The incubation path starts with Pre-incubation Programs providing intensive support for early-stage teams of University of Helsinki students, staff, researchers, PIs or professors lasting 6–8 weeks. The Incubator Programs will provide long-lasting mentoring for more established teams through 6 + 6 months programs. All pre-incubators and incubators are campus-specific and located on site, with focus on topics most relevant to each respective Helsinki University campus. University’s aim is also to create multidisciplinary programs for cross-sectoral innovation and development.

The Campus Incubators will be built by the University of Helsinki with the support of the City of Helsinki. The teams involved are the University’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship team, Helsinki Think Company and Helsinki Innovation Services with support from faculties. The first Kumpula pre-incubation program will be launched in April 2022, and Kumpula incubation program will be launched after Midsummer.

For further information please contact:

Irina Blomqvist, Head, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Services,,

Alfonso Gutierrez, Innovation & Startup-Corporate Partnerships,,

Andres Archila, Project Manager,,

Sanna Kujala, Project Coordinator,