Hanna Wass wins university communicators’ award for her active commentary

Docent Hanna Wass was today presented with the Finnish university communicators’ award for her active scholarly communications and enhancement of public awareness of research.

Wass, docent of political science and vice-dean of the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Social Sciences, is one of Finland’s best-known political commentators. She analyses politics in the media, providing clarity and fresh insights. Her unique approach has also expanded the image of political scientists in the public sphere.

Wass communicates actively on multiple social media platforms. Although she has found herself in the eye of several social media storms, she remains unafraid to express her views and even talks about her personal life. Emerging stronger from her own and her colleagues’ experiences, she has worked to reinforce the University of Helsinki’s support to victims of social media harassment.

“It’s an amazing opportunity to be able to share your views in public, and you shouldn’t waste it on idle chat. Careful preparation is vital. Throughout my career, I’ve followed the advice I was given in my 20s: before each appearance, consider a few key points you wish to get across.”

Wass has been working at the University of Helsinki since 2000. Her research focuses on democracy, representativeness and forms of political behaviour.

Since 1986, Finnish university communicators have bestowed an annual award to a person or organisation for outstanding contributions to scholarly communications. The award aims to promote and encourage communications on research.