Project to build a general upper secondary school of natural sciences in Kumpula progresses

The joint project of the City of Helsinki and Helsinki University Properties Ltd to relocate the Helsinki Upper Secondary School of Natural Sciences to Kumpula Campus has proceeded to the decision-making stage.

In December 2020 the related project plan was approved by the board of Helsinki University Properties Ltd, in addition to which the city has initiated a decision-making process related to renting the school facilities. The buildings and public works sub-committee of the City of Helsinki’s urban environment committee decided to propose the renting of the building to the city board. The final decision on the renting will be made by the city council.

If the decisions are affirmative, the construction project will proceed in the spring to a more detailed planning stage and a permit process, with the goal of launching construction in summer 2021. According to estimates, general upper secondary school students would be able to start studying in the new facilities on the University of Helsinki’s Kumpula Campus in the autumn of 2023.

Shared spaces and collaboration with the University

The goal is to transfer the operations of the natural sciences school to a new building to be constructed at Pietari Kalmin katu 5, as well as to existing teaching and sports facilities of the University of Helsinki. Reciprocally, the University would be able to organise activities in the school facilities. The arrangement increases the effectiveness and flexibility of facility use, providing better preconditions for cooperation between the school and the University.

The project promotes the broad science education activities and teacher education provided by the University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Science, also offering the opportunity to rapidly trial new collaboration ideas with the partner school. At the same time, general upper secondary school students get the chance to experience at first hand how research is conducted in a top-level university. In fact, the school’s prospective location on the campus is expected to increase interest in studying in Kumpula.

A learning environment that supports adolescents’ growth and development

The project will see to the creation of facilities that meet contemporary standards and are designed as an accessible environment suited to all students, promoting the growth and development of adolescents.

The facilities will make it possible to boost inclusivity on the campus and in its immediate surroundings. Shared grounds support inclusivity, physical activity and the realisation of the curriculum, while also constituting a park-like open space on top of Kumpulanmäki. In the town plan draft, the main route to the campus runs beside the school yard and will be connected to Kustaa-Vaasantie. The building of the road for light traffic depends on the schedule of the planning process.

The new building will use timber construction, with five floors and a partial basement. The building will be energy and life-cycle efficient, as well as low carbon