The first English-language bachelor’s programme in the history of the University of Helsinki to be launched in the autumn

Soon it will be possible to complete an English-language undergraduate degree in physics, chemistry, mathematics or computer science at the Faculty of Science. The next application period starts on 20 March.

This is a long-awaited addition: from next autumn onwards, you can pursue a bachelor’s degree in English at the Faculty of Science, as the new Bachelor’s Programme in Science is launched. Up to now, only master’s and doctoral programmes have been available in English.

 “Demand for this kind of programme already exists. In addition to students from abroad, foreigners living in Finland and Finnish young people who have lived abroad for extended periods have expressed interest,” explains Flyura Djurabekova, director of the bachelor’s programme.

The programme includes four study tracks: physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science.

 “Our hope is that the students admitted to the programme will decide no later than in spring 2020 which of the four study tracks they will specialise in,” Djurabekova adds.

The three-year programme makes it possible to continue studying in at least nine master’s programmes offered by the Faculty of Science.

The course selection of the English-language programme is slightly less extensive than that of the corresponding programme in Finnish. However, the students will have an opportunity to broaden their education by completing the courses offered in adjacent study tracks within the programme. Students may also include in their studies courses from the Finnish- and Swedish-language programmes, while those completing their studies in the national languages may also choose English-language courses.

A broad range of career paths

Altogether 50 students will be admitted to the programme, of which approximately 20 places are filled through an international application round, which closed in January. The rest will be selected through a separate domestic application procedure in spring 2019.

Those applying through the separate procedure must have completed the Finnish matriculation examination or the IB examination. The selection will be based on grades.

The bachelor’s programme is subject to a fee for students from outside the EU and EEA. The fee does not apply to those who have been granted permanent residence in Finland.

In addition to English-language studies, the programme includes six credits’ worth of language studies in Finnish, Swedish or both.

According to Djurabekova, graduates of the programme will gain qualifications for a wide range of career paths.

 “I believe graduates will easily find employment. For example, students of computer science are recruited by businesses already during their studies. Of course, we hope that as many as possible will continue studying in a master’s programme,” she adds.

The next application period is from 20 March to 3 April 2019.

Further information on the bachelor’s programme

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