Degree education to change in autumn 2017

Starting in autumn 2017, degree education at the University of Helsinki will be organised into 32 Bachelor’s degree, 59 Master’s degree and 32 doctoral programmes.

All of the University’s education leading up to a degree will be organised into Bachelor's, Master's and doctoral programmes from autumn 2017 onwards.

Already next spring, prospective students will be applying to 32 new multidisciplinary Bachelor's programmes. After the Bachelor’s stage, the students can apply to 59 Master’s programmes. Thismeans a significant reduction in the number of options available to applicants at the Bachelor’s stage.

“Students won’t have to commit to a single discipline when they are applying to a Bachelor’s programme. Instead, they can slowly establish their field of studies as they move forward. This also reduces the need to change disciplines, speeding up graduation,” says Keijo Hämäläinen, vice-rector in charge of research and education.

Of the 59 Master’s programmes, 34 will be international and available in English, Finnish or Swedish. For these programmes, a programme-specific tuition fee will be collected from students coming from outside the EU and EEA.

“These degree programmes will enhance the University’s international profile. They will also promote Finland’s visibility in the global education marketplace,” says Hämäläinen.

Employment and career planning

The new degree programmes place particular emphasis on the competencies provided by the degrees, on their connection to the labour market as well as on the employment prospects offered by the education. In future, all Bachelor’s degrees will feature a career orientation period and professional skills training modules. Students may enter employment as soon as they receive their Bachelor’s degrees, if they so desire.

Career planning has been added to degrees of all levels to improve graduates’ employability.