Faculty-specific instructions concerning the exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus outbreak at the University of Helsinki

On this page you can find updated Faculty-specific instructions for studying, teaching and telecommuting. This page will be updated whenever needed. Please note that the general university-level information and instructions are not repeated here.

Last update 20.10.2020 (Use of university premises, use of protective masks and instructions for organizing teaching) 

The latest information at the University level: Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki 

Recovery plan from the exceptional situation 

See the University recovery plan from the Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki -page. 

Use of university premises

Work-related duties should be carried out remotely, whenever possible. Working on the University premises in a planned manner taking into account safety precautions, including maintaining the recommended safe distance of two metres from others, continues to be possible. Face masks should be worn always when in contact with other people, also at Hyytiälä field station and in reseach laboratories

Teachers are responsible for distributing masks to all students, teachers and eventual visitors in the contact teaching or supervising events.

Work premises at the laboratories or greenhouses must still be prebooked by using a form available at the faculty Flamma-page (requires logging in with University credentials). Bookings are monitored by the department heads.

In other faculty premises, a prebooking is no longer required starting from 1 October. Users of the office premises must agree together when to be present in order to assure safe distances. Appropriate rules concerning hygiene and personal safe distances to others must be followed.

Research done in a close personal contact should be avoided and research-interviews should be done remotely. If a research or interviews must be conducted in a close contact, must the researcher submit a detailed plan about how the research is conducted safely. Plan should be sent to vice-dean of research. Response center processes the plans and grants permission to conduct the research.

Instructions for organizing teaching  

All lecture courses and guidance, in addition to small study groups, practical exercises and seminars will be provided remotely until the end of the year. Laboratory teaching will continue to be provided as on-site teaching according to the approved teaching programme. Safety instructions and facility occupancy guidelines must be followed. Also necessary on-site teaching in computer classes may be provided on-site in cases where software is only available in computers on campus. All teaching planned to take place in computer classes must be reported beforehand to director of the degree programme and the list of participants must be provided. Necessary examinations may be arranged on-site. The arrangements need to follow the safety guidelines, room-specific restrictions on seating  and the restriction in maximum group size. The person responsible for the exam is also responsible for collecting the list of participants.

Regarding other possible on-site teaching needs, the faculty response center will decide on the permission based on the safety and organisation plan provided by the teacher in charge. Mask use is recommended in contact teaching, independent study as well as guidance and supervision situations. In laboratory teaching, mask use is required. Teachers need to get the masks from their department contact person and make sure that they are distributed to students before a teaching situation begins.

In spring term 2021, teaching, guidance and examinations will continue to be provided mainly remotely. However, contact teaching can be organised if the quality of learning and learning outcomes would otherwise be significantly compromised. The planning regarding teaching in spring term will be made based on three teaching modes: necessary on-site teaching (laboratory teaching, field courses), remote teaching (lectures) and flexible teaching (practical exercises, small study groups, seminars, project work). Faculty response center is responsible for making decisions regarding possible on-site teaching in spring term, if the situation allows. 

The capacity with safe distance requirements has been defined for all teaching facilities. (Additional information:  University buildings during the exceptional circumstancesrequires signing in to Flamma with University credentials).

Equipment for remote working 

If needed Faculty staff members may visit the university premises to collect their teaching materials, text-books etc. and to borrow technical equipment they have in their use at their offices to be used to organize remote teaching at home. Specific equipment e.g. computer, screen, mouse, keyboard, web cam, headset may be taken to the home office for the period of remote working. Please notify the head of the department if you have borrowed items or equipment from the university. Teachers may purchase similar, minor equipment if needed for remote teaching. Please contact vice-dean for education in order to reimburse the cost.

Links to other instructions 

The latest information at the university level is updated: Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki

More information:

Dean Ritva Toivanen

Vice‑dean, research affairs and doctoral education Maija Tenkanen   

Vicedean, educational and bilingualism affairs Janna Pietikäinen

Vice-dean, societal interaction Kari Hyytiäinen

Vice-dean, infrastructure Laura Alakukku