Faculty-specific instructions concerning the exceptional circumstances due to the coronavirus outbreak at the University of Helsinki

On this page you can find updated Faculty-specific instructions for studying, teaching and telecommuting. This page will be updated whenever needed. Please note that the general university-level information and instructions are not repeated here.

Last update 29.6.2020 (Instructions for organizing teaching) 

The latest information at University level: Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki 

En­trance ex­am­in­a­tions

The University of Helsinki website on student admissions (National joint application procedure: available in Finnish and Swedish only) during the coronavirus outbreak offers the latest information on changes to admissions criteria and procedures in spring 2020. The website provides degree programme-specific details of changes to admissions methods, information on the results of certificate-based admissions, and answers to the most frequently asked questions. Information on changes to admissions methods will be published on the website by the end of April.

Recovery plan from the exceptional situation 

See the University recovery plan from the Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki -page. Second phase of recovery started at the Faculty on 8th June and is estimated to go on until 16th August.

Use of university premises

The premises of the university of Helsinki are still mainly closed until 16th August. Public events and gatherings will not be organised. Work is conducted remotely. The personnel of the Faculty can however after 8th June, conduct work at the university premises, if the work at question cannot be completed remotely. Premises to conduct such a work must be booked by using a form available at the faculty Flamma-page (requires logging in with University credentials).

Booking procedure applies to all Faculty premises, including office spaces. While working at the premises, appropriate rules concerning hygiene and personal safe distances to others must be followed.

Instructions for organizing teaching  

Field courses will not be organised during June and July, but are postponed until August. Instruction on how to conduct dissertations can be requested from personal supervisors.

We are prepared to organize teaching in autumn term 2020 according to the University recovery plan. The capacity with safe distance requirements has been defined for all teaching facilities. (Additional information:  University buildings during the exceptional circumstancesrequires signing in to Flamma with University credentials). It is possible to organize courses or parts of courses that require contact teaching, including introductory and orientation courses for new students and small group teaching, practical exercises and similar in the teaching premises. Laboratory teaching will be conducted with normal group sizes by following safety procedures with the minimum one-meter social distance. Teaching is planned to be organized according to the normal teaching schedule. 

Equipment for remote working 

If needed Faculty staff members may visit the university premises to collect their teaching materials, text books etc. and to borrow technical equipment they have in their use at their offices to be used to organize remote teaching at home. Specific equipment e.g. computer, screen, mouse, keyboard, web cam, headset may be taken to the home office for the period of remote working. Please, notify the head of the department if you have borrowed items or equipment from the university. Teachers may purchase similar, minor equipment if needed for remote teaching. Please contact vice-dean for education in order to reimburse the cost.

Links to other instructions 

The latest information at university level is updated: Coronavirus situation at the University of Helsinki

More information:

Dean Ritva Toivanen

Vice‑dean, research affairs and doctoral education Maija Tenkanen   

Vicedean, educational and bilingualism affairs Janna Pietikäinen

Vice-dean, societal interaction Kari Hyytiäinen

Vice-dean, infrastructure Laura Alakukku