New publication: Nitinder Mohan, Jussi Kangasharju, Edge-Fog Cloud: A Distributed Cloud for Internet of Things Computations, in Proceedings of Cloudification of the Internet of Things Conference, Paris, France, November 2016.

Title: Edge-Fog Cloud: A Distributed Cloud for Internet of Things Computations

Abstract: Internet of Things typically involves a sig- nificant number of smart sensors sensing information from the environment and sharing it to a cloud service for processing. Various architectural abstractions, such as Fog and Edge computing, have been proposed to localize some of the processing near the sensors and away from the central cloud servers. In this paper, we propose Edge-Fog Cloud which distributes task processing on the participating cloud resources in the network. We develop the Least Processing Cost First (LPCF) method for assigning the processing tasks to nodes which provide the optimal processing time and near optimal networking costs. We evaluate LPCF in a variety of scenarios and demonstrate its effectiveness in finding the processing task assignments.