Collaborative Networking Group

The Collaborative Networking (CoNe) group's research focuses on large-scale distributed systems and network applications which are based on nodes cooperating voluntarily. Examples of such systems are information-centric networks, edge and cloud computing, mobile opportunistic networks, and Internet of Things.

Current News


Final assignment posted on moodle. See course page for info on schedule #UnivHelsinkiCS_NSS18

Last two article essay assignments posted on Moodle (QUIC and Avalanche). Deadlines Oct 4 and Oct 14. #UnivHelsinkiCs_NSS18

Slides for transport layer and RPC have been posted on course website. #UnivHelsinkiCS_NSS18

Slides for link and network layers posted on course website. #UnivHelsinkiCS_NSS18


We teach courses on advanced networking topics, such as cloud and edge computing, distributed data science infrastructures, and other advanced networking topics as well as seminars on these topics. Our courses can be found in the MS programs on Computer Science and Data Science.