To the new students: A heartfelt welcome to our community!

The strong pull of the University of Helsinki persists: more than 30,000 individuals applied to UH and 4,000 of them were admitted. The most popular programmes were law and medicine. Nearly half of those who applied to a master’s programme applied to the new Programme in the Development of Health Care Services.

This year, the University of Helsinki was again the most popular higher education institution in Finland, in terms of both the total number of applicants in the spring joint application procedure and the number of first-priority applications. With the number of applicants in the joint application procedure growing by 1.5% from last year, the attractiveness of the University of Helsinki has remained very strong. 

In the joint application procedure, 4000 new students were admitted to the University of Helsinki. There were about 27,300 applicants to bachelor’s programmes, of whom 13,1% received a student place. A total of 3,200 people applied for Finnish- and Swedish-language master’s programmes, of whom 13,7% were admitted.  

“I am excited and proud to welcome you, our new students, to our University! Congratulations on your admission – you have earned this achievement thanks to your hard work and determination. The stage in your lives you are now embarking on will open the door to countless opportunities and new challenges,” says Rector Sari Lindblom

“Also keep in mind that learning at university is about more than just completing courses. It is a journey to self-awareness and personal growth. Don’t hesitate to turn to your teachers and supervisors when you need support. We are here for you.” 

The University of Helsinki and its community have been building the future and transforming the world for more than 380 years. Their aim is to continue to provide students with the best tools for studies and life. 

“We encourage independent and critical thinking and competent citizenship in our students. We strive to support the development of our students and provide them with the capacity to act as agents of change in society. Our University is a multicultural and international community where students meet peers from different cultures and backgrounds. This diversity opens up new perspectives for them and promotes international solidarity. At the same time, it prepares them for the global labour market and offers them valuable networking opportunities,” Rector Lindblom notes. 

Law and medicine the most popular degree programmes 

When comparing the number of applicants to available student places, the most popular bachelor’s programmes of the University of Helsinki were law, medicine and psychology. The most popular of the master’s programmes was the new Master’s Programme in the Development of Health Care Services with just over 1,400 applicants, or nearly half of all of the applicants to master’s programmes at the University of Helsinki. 

The number of applicants to bachelor's programmes grew the most in the Swedish-language Bachelor’s Programme in Law organised in Vaasa, whose number of applicants more than doubled. 

A total of 229 individuals applied to the University of Helsinki through the open university route, of whom 141 were admitted. In the open university route, the most popular programme was the Bachelor’s Programme in Computer Science with 61 applicants. The open university route refers to applying for the right to pursue a degree on the basis of completed open university studies. 

In the transfer application procedure, 78 applicants of 138 were admitted. The transfer application procedure is available to students wishing to change their university or field of study, in which case their study right is transferred from one university to another or from one degree programme to another within the university. 
The results of the application round for the 35 international master’s programmes of the University of Helsinki have already been published in April. A total of 1,312 new students were admitted to the international master’s programmes from among 7,116 applicants. Applicants came from as many as 148 countries.  

The results of student selection can be viewed by the applicants in the national Studyinfo service. Student places must be accepted by 15.00 on 14 July 2023. The admission of students from the reserve list will continue until 1 August 2023. 

Detailed degree programme–specific statistics on student admissions will be published on this website in the beginning of the week of 10 July

Student admissions at the University of Helsinki in 2023

Joint application procedure, total 
Total number of applicants 30,414 
Admitted as students 4,011 
Admission rate (%) 13,2 
Bachelor’s programmes  
Total number of applicants 27,290 
Admitted as students 3,572 
Admission rate (%) 13,1 

Master’s programmes 
Total number of applicants 3,206 
Admitted as students 439 
Admission rate (%)13,7 

Blended-learning programme in early childhood education 
Total number of applicants 364 
Admitted as students 80 
Admission rate (%) 22 

Admitted through the open university route: 141 
Admitted through the transfer application procedure: 78