Fees for open university courses to change from May 2025

The new fees range from €15 to €45 per credit. The fees for basic courses remain unchanged.

The fees for the University of Helsinki’s open university courses and the non-degree studies offered by faculties will change for courses beginning on or after 1 May 2025.  

 Three fee levels

Open university studies will carry fees at three different levels: €15, €30 and €45 per credit. In addition, some courses may be offered free of charge.  

  • Introductory courses, basic courses and most of the studies required for the open university admissions route cost €15 per credit. 
  • For example, the fee for intermediate and advanced courses, courses with more teaching or guidance than usual, thematic open university modules, as well as courses whose organisation costs more than usual, is €30 or €45 per credit. 
  • Studies free of charge can include courses replacing entrance examinations, summer courses for attending bachelor’s and master's students of the University of Helsinki, as well as courses organised with project funding (depending on the funder’s decision). 

The University’s faculties and Language Centre decide on the fees for their offerings in accordance with these preconditions. Fees are described on individual course pages.  

The new fees do not apply to open university education organised at partner institutions. 

The fee reform is based on the reduction in the amount of government funding awarded to the University in the coming years, as well as a change in the maximum fee for studies in the relevant Government decree.  

What is Open university?

Studies offered by the University of Helsinki degree programmes and the Language Centre are available as open university studies for all those interested. Every year, the University of Helsinki offers more than a thousand openly available courses from all faculties and more than 50 degree programmes. In 2023, almost 25,000 people completed open university courses at the University.