10,600 applicants to the University of Helsinki’s international master’s programmes

The most popular programmes were the Master's Programme in Computer Science and the Master's Programme in Data Science.

The 2024 application procedure for the University’s international master’s programmes attracted a staggering number of applications – 12,665 – from 10,662 applicants.

The most popular of the 36 master’s programmes available was the Master’s Programme in Computer Science, with as many as 1,402 applications. The Master’s Programme in Data Science was not far behind with 1,251 applications, while the Master’s Programme in Environmental Change and Global Sustainability received 731 applications.

During the same application period, alongside with the Master's programmes, the Bachelor's Programme in Science also received 677 applications, which is a considerable increase from last year's numbers (421).

Kai Nordlund, Vice-Rector of education, is delighted to see a very strong increase in the number of international applicants.

"We saw an increase of 50% compared to last year, which already was an all-time high. This shows that our concept of offering international master's programmes focused on our strongest research areas is attractive to talented students worldwide," says Kai Nordlund.

Decisions on admissions and scholarships will be published by mid-April. The successful applicants must then announce whether they accept the place offered to them. Studies will begin in autumn 2024. Applications to the Finnish- and Swedish-language bachelor’s and master’s programmes of the University of Helsinki are accepted under the second joint application procedure of spring 2024 for Finnish higher education institutions from 13 to 27 March 2024.

Applications from 148 countries   

The University of Helsinki’s 36 international master’s programmes received applications from 148 countries (148 countries in 2023). The most applications were submitted from Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Finland.

The percentage of applicants liable for tuition fees, or non-EU and non-EEA applicants, was 85% (79% in 2023). A total of 92 % of these applicants also applied for a scholarship. The University may award a limited number of scholarships covering some or all of the tuition fee to applicants liable for fees.