Vetcare donates €160,000 to specialist veterinary training at the University of Helsinki

According to Olli Kuussaari, CEO of Vetcare, changing the world is extremely difficult without close collaboration with academia.

Vetcare Oy, a Finnish company specialising in veterinary drugs, has donated €160,000 to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Helsinki. The donation will be used to implement a four-year specialist training position in the field of clinical reproductive science.

— This is a logical step in our long-running cooperation with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, particularly in the reproductive sciences, says CEO Olli Kuussaari of Vetcare.

— The University of Helsinki is a natural partner, enabling us to gain broad-based research knowledge and insight into development projects as well as to exchange ideas.

A new specialist secured with the donation

The donation makes it possible for the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to train a new specialist in Finland.

— Vetcare is a key partner. We collaborate in a wide range of areas of clinical veterinary medicine. This is one visible and positive element of such collaboration, says Dean Olli Peltoniemi of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

In the specialist training position, canine reproduction is a particular topic of interest. A major global topic related to ethics and animal welfare is the sterilisation of female dogs.

— In collaboration with Vetcare, we have developed alternatives to surgical sterilisation, such as methods associated with hormone production, which are in use in humans as well.

The specialist training is part of international training in Europe. The effects of the donation will radiate to international networks and the training of new experts.

— We call our specialist veterinarians diplomates. In the future, they will pay their learning forward by training more veterinary specialists.

Donating to science and research is a smart way to join forces

Dean Kuussaari considers donating to science and research an opportunity for business life and the University to help one another.

— Finland is a small country, and we have a lot of specialist expertise, which makes alliances smart.”

According to Kuussaari, close collaboration with academia is absolutely vital for Vetcare and other companies active in veterinary medicine.

— Without it, it’s very difficult to change the world.

— For us, this is also an inspiring partnership. We’re keeping up to date with research.


Important support from donations

The University of Helsinki will select the appointee to the endowed position.