Vice-Deans elected for Faculty of Science

Starting on 1st January, 2022, Professor Sasu Tarkoma, Professor Sami Moisio, Professor Hanna Vehkamäki, and Professor Samuli Siltanen will act as vice-deans of the Faculty of Science. In this group, Tarkoma, Moisio, and Vehkamäki are new to the post of vice-dean.

Vice-Dean Sasu Tarkoma will act as the Dean's deputy, and will be in charge of research, research infrastructures, business cooperation and innovations, as well as digitalisation.

Vice-Dean Sami Moisio will be in charge of instruction.

Vice-Dean Hanna Vehkamäki will be in charge of sustainable development, international issues, wellbeing, equality, and principles for facility use.

Vice-Dean Samuli Siltanen will be responsible for communication, science education, and alumni activities.

Dean Kai Nordlund will be in charge of bilingual issues.

Professor Ilkka Kilpeläinen, director of the Doctoral School in Natural Sciences, will represent the faculty in matters pertaining to doctoral education. He will be called to the meetings of the faculty's deans.

A faculty may have one or several vice-dean(s). After hearing the faculty council, the dean of the faculty decides on the number of vice-deans, their duties, election, and the dean's deputy.

The vice-dean(s) will support the dean in developing the faculty, execution of the university strategy, and promoting cooperation between the units within the faculty in the area stipulated by the dean, as well as carry out other duties assigned by the dean.

The term of the vice-deans will last until the end of 2025.