Change management training for the circular economy

The University of Helsinki and the University of Tampere are launching a new joint course to train change managers for sustainable development and the circular economy. The online course will launch later this year.

Together with the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the universities of Helsinki and Tampere are launching a cross-disciplinary project to develop a new kind of online course for change managers in the circular economy. Its purpose is to train students to be change managers who know how to tackle global sustainability challenges and make organisational procedures more sustainable. This is the first time such a course is being offered in Finnish institutions of higher education.

The first time this kind of course is being offered

The course will discuss climate change mitigation and the sustainable use of natural resources within the Earth’s carrying capacity. The circular economy provides valuable solutions to both of these challenges, and students will learn to apply them in organisations.

“The shift towards the circular economy requires new kinds of skills both in companies and society at large. The course, which is organised by the universities of Helsinki and Tampere, is a wonderful opportunity for students to acquire the tools for considering their own values and skills as drivers of this shift,” says Nani Pajunen, leading specialist from Sitra.

Change project to bring a practical dimension to studies

The five-credit course on change management in the circular economy will launch on the University of Helsinki’s MOOC learning platform this year. The course will feature video lectures, assignments as well as a project in which the student must plan and implement a concrete change project.

A joint circular economy programme is also planned

The online course will be an integral part of the minor subject in the circular economy, a programme currently being planned as a joint effort between Finnish institutions of higher education. It is also directly applicable for employed professionals, for example, as continuing education through the Open University.

The course material includes a guide for teachers, which will help higher education teachers from any discipline to offer the course in their home institution.

The project will be carried out jointly by the University of Helsinki’s units in atmospheric, sustainability and behavioural sciences, the University of Tampere’s School of Management as well as the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra. The course is one of the projects to bring circular economy teaching to all levels of education, funded and led by Sitra.

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Further information:
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Nina Nygren, University of Tampere, School of Management, +358 40 190 4022,
Nani Pajunen, Sitra, +358 294 618 297,
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