Atte Moilanen receives Distinguished Service Award from the Society for Conservation Biology

Research director Atte Moilanen from the University of Helsinki has developed ecologically based, computational methods to support conservation solutions that benefit biodiversity. Past Distinguished Service award winners include Albert Gore and David Attenborough.

The international Society for Conservation Biology, SCB, has nominated research director Atte Moilanen to receive the 2018 SCB Europe Distinguished Service Award in memory of Ilkka Hanski for his extraordinary contributions to ecologically based, computational methods to support conservation solutions that successfully tradeoff biodiversity values, costs and alternative land-uses and conservation resource allocation.

The Distinguished Service Award honors achievements in conservation by professionals in any field associated with conservation biology and whose work has furthered the mission of the Society for Conservation Biology

The mission of the society is to advance the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity.

“It is heartily warming to find out that work with concepts and computational methods in conservation planning has such support from the SCB,” says Atte Moilanen.

“Were I asked of advice on preservation of Earth's biodiversity, I would say to politicians and business leaders: There are no jobs on a dead planet!”


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