Pioneers of life science-based business at Y Science

For the second time, University of Helsinki, HiLIFE – Helsinki Institute of Life Science, and Slush will bring business and life sciences together at Y Science, an official Slush side event. This year, the event includes a Life Science Pitching Competition.

The aim of Y Science is to bring forth the value of life science-based business, and encourage scientists to embrace a different way of thinking about making an impact. The one-day event is held on 5 December next door to Slush, the startup event that attracts thousands of tech talents, investors, executives, and media.

The programme of Y Science includes speeches from some of world’s leading scientists and entrepreneurs. The keynote speaker of the event is Patrick Ennis, PhD and Global Head of Incubation and Startups at Intellectual Ventures.

Ennis has decades of experience as a scientist, engineer, businessman, and venture capitalist, and he is an inventor on several patents. He has also written extensively about innovation.

The top research at the University of Helsinki is represented at Y Science by Academy Professor Kari Alitalo, who is a highly cited cancer researcher, and the leader of Centre of Excellence in Translational Cancer Biology.

Alitalo's research on blood and lymphatic vessels and discoveries of several receptor tyrosine kinases, growth factors and receptors have led to phase 2 clinical trials in two startup companies.

The programme of Y Science also includes showcases by outstanding scientists of reprogramming of mammalian cells, pollination, bioimaging, and use of nanocellulose, and the event hosts speakers representing the European Innovation Council, GE Testa Center, and Cambridge Quantum Computing, among others.

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30,000€ to the best life science pitch

This year, the Y Science event will also host a Life Science Pitching Competition for eight pre- or early phase startups.

The competing projects include, e.g. disease-modifying drug therapy for neurogenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, a new targeted therapy for rare gastrointestinal cancer, as well as a nano structure that multiplies biological microscopy imaging 100 times.

Life Science Pitching is arranged in collaboration with eight other Finnish and European universities, and the winner will be chosen by a jury including Laura Pontiggia, a Policy Adviser of European Research Council (Proof-of-Concept funding).

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Y Science expands to Think Corner and Slush Founders Street

Y Science will be held at Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre (Siipi) on 5 December from 9 am to noon. The whole event will be streamed live to the University of Helsinki’s Think Corner (Yliopistonkatu 4).

On the previous night, 4 December, Y Science takes part in Science and the City, University of Helsinki Slush Meet & Greet at Think Corner with Y Science Life Science Pitching Pre-show. The event is a full dress rehearsal before the finalists enter the big stage at Y Science the next day. After the pitches, the crowd is welcome to meet and mingle with the startups.

Y Science will also take part in Slush Founders Street on 3 December at Restaurant Kiila (Kalevankatu 1) with a light get-together programme organized by the Science Basement crew.

Register for Y Science or join the event at Think Corner

Y Science event is free of charge. To attend the event, a ticket to Slush is not requested, but registration is required on the Y Science website. Note that the access is only valid for Y Science – not to any other Slush side events or the main Slush 2018 event.

To increase the networking options, Y Science will share the matchmaking tool with Slush, with prebooked meeting possibilities with other Y Science participants. Please note that the matchmaking tool is only available for those who register for Y Science.

The Think Corner and Founders Street Y Science events are open for everyone and do not require registration.