Meet our new FIMM Doctoral Training Coordinator Rubina Tabassum!

Docent Rubina Tabassum started as the FIMM Doctoral Training Coordinator in July, 2023. Rubina will divide her time between coordinating doctoral training and her research. Warm welcome!

Rubina Tabassum is a FIMM Senior Researcher and a Docent of Public Health. Her scientific background is in genetic epidemiology, and she is currently leading genomics- and lipidomics- based research to facilitate translation of genetic discovery and information into clinically applicable predictive and preventive strategies to support health.

“I am pleased and honored to be a part of the support and development program for the doctoral researchers at FIMM. I, along with the other members of the Doctoral Training Committee (DTC), will continue to support the interests of the doctoral researchers, monitor the progress of PhD trajectories, facilitate career guidance, and improve the wellbeing of the early-career scientists. I am extremely excited and looking forward to working with the doctoral researchers and the group leaders at FIMM and further developing the doctoral training program.”