FinPharma kick-off webinar 21 October 2020

FinPharma brings together the pharmaceutical drug research of the University of Helsinki, the University of Eastern Finland, and Åbo Akademi University. FinPharma kick-off webinar on 21 October presents the new researchers and their research themes.

Come and join the FinPharma Finnish Platform for Pharmaceutical Research kick-off webinar on 21 October 2020, 13:00–16:00! In the webinar the brand new FinPharma researchers present their research subjects.

Registration is now open!

The webinar is for free.

PROGRAMME 21 October 2020 (subject to change)

Opening of the kick-off event, Jouni Hirvonen, Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki

Greetings from the University of Helsinki, Paula Eerola, Vice-Rector

Greetings from the University of Eastern Finland, Jarkko Ketolainen, Professor

Greetings from the Åbo Akademi University, Jessica Rosenholm, Professor

A brief history of FinPharma, Jari Yli-Kauhaluoma, FinPharma Director, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki

Biologics as by-products of vascular biology research, Michael Jeltsch, Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Protein Drug Research, University of Helsinki

Human-on-a-chip – More methodological diversity for development of medical treatments, Tiina Sikanen, Associate Professor in Pharmacometabolomics, University of Helsinki

Modulation of proteostasis as therapeutic strategy for stroke and neurodegeneration, Mikko Airavaara, Professor in Pharmacology and Drug Development, University of Helsinki

Shining a guiding light for medical Uber deliveries – Active targeting and drug release at diseased site, Tatu Lajunen, University Researcher (Targeted Delivery Technologies for Biomacromolecules), University of Helsinki & University of Eastern Finland

RNA interference and RNA activation as drug targets, Piia Kokkonen, University Researcher (Computer-aided drug design), University of Eastern Finland

Can we halt and reverse neurodegeneration? Merja Voutilainen, Assistant Professor in Regenerative Pharmacology, University of Helsinki

Closing words