Call for Letters of Intent for HiLIFE Grand Challenge Program

HiLIFE is initiating a new Grand Challenge Program. Letters of Intent from groups of life science area Principal Investigators from the University of Helsinki and partner organizations are invited with a deadline of May 15.

The HiLIFE Grand Challenge Program provides an opportunity for the researchers at the University of Helsinki and participating partner organizations to collaborate in a mission-oriented way to provide solutions to topical challenges.  The Grand Challenges will deepen and strengthen the University of Helsinki research profile and form attractive nuclei for partnering.

Based on evaluation by the HiLIFE Scientific Council five to eight Grand Challenges will be funded initially for a period of three years. The Grand Challenges are aimed to be inclusive and interdisciplinary to form an environment where new ideas are born at the edges of research fields.

All principal investigators (PI) at the University of Helsinki (UH) and partner organizations are welcome to participate in consortia chaired by HiLIFE Fellows.  Funding can be applied to support the Grand Challenge platform and its development (e.g. international and local networking, salaries and running costs, services, and local infrastructures). Committed funding for the Grand Challenge program is 0,6 M€ with additional support to be included in a Life Science PROFI 5 proposal. The total anticipated funding for the three-year program is 6 M€.

Application Instructions