Best journal article prizes granted to Albert Spoljaric and Denis Dermadi Bebek

Article prizes for young researchers in the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences were presented for the first time.

The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences has granted its first awards for articles written by early state researchers.

The award for an article included in an article-based dissertation and published last year was granted to Albert Spoljaric for his article on the impact of vasopressin on hippocampal interneurons at different stages of brain maturation.

BYTDK article prize Spoljaric

Albert Spoljaric presenting his article on vasopressin. Photo: Tiina Avomaa


Denis Dermadi Bebek

Denis Dermadi Bebek

The recipient of the award for postdoctoral researchers is Denis Dermadi Bebek with his article on the impact of the Western diet on bile acid homeostasis, cell proliferation and tumorigenesis in the colon.

The authors themselves nominated their articles for the award using an electronic form. All the nominated articles were assessed for their social and scientific impact as well as the author’s input. The authors had to explain how their article met each criterion.

The assessment was carried out by the members and deputy members of the research affairs committee at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences. The committee’s term concluded at the end of February, and its functions were transferred to the research programmes committee.