VEIL.AI produces increasingly safe data for medical science – Licence agreement concluded with the University of Helsinki

An AI-based technical solution developed by VEIL.AI promotes the safe and efficient use of sensitive data. The recently concluded licence agreement enables the further development of the solution to meet customer needs.

VEIL.AI is offering entirely novel alternatives for the anonymisation and synthetisation of sensitive data. An AI-based technical solution makes it possible to utilise sensitive data without putting the high level of information security, data quality or usability at risk. A patent is pending for the solution.

A substantial part of the solution introduced by VEIL.AI has been developed at the University of Helsinki. With this licence agreement, the University grants VEIL.AI the exclusive right to the commercial utilisation of the solution. VEIL.AI’s customer base includes global pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. The agreement enables the establishment of new customer relationships and the further refinement of the technical solution to meet individual customer needs.

VEIL.AI contributes to the development of modern data processing

The technical solution designed by VEIL.AI solves challenges previously associated with sensitive data. Traditional methods of processing sensitive data are not well suited to situations where the data originates in several sources. Neither do they support real-time, real-world (RWD), cumulative, or unstructured data very well. Another feature typical to these techniques is their wastefulness – they lose more information than is usually necessary. In terms of computing, traditional data anonymisation and synthetisation methods are heavy processes, making them slow and expensive as well. With the help of VEIL.AI’s technical solution, these challenges can be overcome to a significant degree.

The solution also helps to substantially improve the usability of particularly difficult data types (RWD, unstructured imaging, genome or signal data, real-time or cumulative data).

Founded in December 2019, VEIL.AI Ltd is a spinout of the Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland, which is part of the University of Helsinki.

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