Precision harvesting helps assess the impact of logging before it takes place

Professor Jori Uusitalo develops digital techniques that improve the planning of timber harvesting.

What are your research topics? 

In our new projects, my research group focuses on a theme I call precision harvesting. We utilise various databases to design a computer model of the harvesting target, the topography of the area and the trees in it in which the cost-efficiency and environmental effects of various harvesting options can be explored before the logging begins.

Where and how does the topic of your research have an impact? 

Forest utilisation is a significant factor in Finland’s national economy. It is important for operations to be planned well in terms of both the economy and the environment. The techniques we are developing will make the work of forest harvesting entrepreneurs and harvester operators easier and more efficient. Taking into account environmental factors benefits forest owners, the forest environment and the forest sector as a whole. 

What is particularly inspiring in your field right now? 

Making use of a range of digital systems in the planning of timber harvesting guides its future development. We are now taking the first steps towards automating harvesting. The knowledge we gain will enhance the planning of future operations. 

Jori Uusitalo is a professor of forest operations and logistics at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. 

Watch Jori Uusitalo’s inaugural lecture as a new professor on 26.5.2021 on YouTube

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